Be wary of bed bugs. If you have spots on your skin, they are most likely present in your mattress. Take a look at it now!

Bed bugs are flat and oval insects that are predominantly green in color but can sometimes be brown. They are divided into two categories, terrestrial and aquatic, and are predominantly carnivorous insects. Bed bugs can invade the home and completely infest some rooms.

The scientific name for the bed bug is Nezara viridula and it is widely distributed throughout Italy, but also in Europe. Usually, this insect spreads mainly in environments with temperate climate. Bed bugs are among the most absolutely unpleasant insects.

In fact, bed bugs are pleasant among other things because they emit a very unpleasant odor when rubbed. In addition, they are the ones that cause the most problems to agriculture, as they mark the leaves of many vegetables. But let’s see the problems they cause to the human body after a bite.

Bed bugs: be careful, they hide in the mattress

As we have already said, we can also find bed bugs in the house. They usually live in furniture, carpets, beds and clothes and are very active at night when the homeowners are sleeping. Bed bugs are blood eating insects and humans are excellent prey.

For example, if they are on the carpets of the house, they can bite the animals that often sit there, but if they are in the bed, they bite the human. The bug bite itself does not cause pain and therefore is not felt, but leaves easily recognizable marks.

When you are bitten by a bed bug, your skin usually shows red, itchy bumps. They also usually have a very specific shape, as they appear in groups or lines. These marks left by bed bugs heal on their own and disappear within a few days.

Bite marks from bed bugs

Alternatively, if the itch persists, it can be relieved with soap and water or with natural soothing lotions available at pharmacies. However, if the lesion is infected, you must go to the doctor and rely on his treatment. But if we recognize these signs, the first thing we need to do is get rid of bed bugs in the house.

Bed bugs

If you notice bed bugs in your home, you must take immediate action because even if they do not have wings, they cling to animals or humans to move from one place to another. Removing bed bugs from your home is not that easy and in most cases you will need the help of experts who perform disinfestation.

However, there are also natural remedies to keep them away. However, these should be considered if your home is not infested with bed bugs. You can use garlic as a natural pesticide, or you can use diatomaceous earth or tea tree oil which have the same properties.