The sink is used daily by many people, whether for cleaning dishes and cutlery or for washing hands during and after cooking. Because the sink is in constant contact with water, limescale stains quickly form. A home remedy trick helps to combat these unsightly discolorations.

Clean sink with home remedy: Olive oil protects against unsightly limescale stains

Lime stains in the kitchen are a thorn in the side of cleaning devils and hobby cooks, because they look anything but beautiful. However, cleaning the stains every day is not exactly a dream scenario either. To avoid regular cleaning, there is a simple life hack. This ensures that the sink is freed from limescale for a long time.

Before using this trick, first clean the sink as usual. Once the sink is free of water spots, a home remedy is used, which everyone has at home and may not be missing in the cleaning routine. Specifically, it is olive oil. But how does the product from the kitchen help against limescale?

Cleaning the sink with a home remedy: Olive oil protects against unsightly limescale stains

If you put a little olive oil on a paper towel and rub it all over the sink, you seal the surface. This makes it harder for dirt to stick to the stainless steel and water to bounce off. The same effect is achieved by using baby oil.

Another advantage: After cleaning, the sink is not only clean and free of limescale stains, but also shines with a new shine. As soon as this wears off and the water stains make their comeback, the trick is used again.