Thanks to this method used in hotels, we can have a clean bathroom for two weeks. Here is what it is. In our house there are some rooms that are used more often than others and tend to get dirty just because of daily use.

Among them we find the kitchen, where we prepare and sometimes even consume the meals we prepare, and therefore there may be traces of fats, oils and food residues, and the other room is the bathroom.

Bathroom: how to make it spotless with the hotel method

In this, we tend to experience the most intimate moments, as we take care of ourselves and see ourselves for who we are and can fulfill our needs, thus being free and having our privacy. It is precisely for all these reasons that the bathroom tends to get dirty very quickly, and all the dirt that can appear on its surfaces is very difficult to remove with a single gesture.

Suffice it to say that women often wear makeup in the bathroom, so residues of cosmetic powders or perfumes can remain on the sink, as well as traces of toothpaste and rings of dirt. Men, on the other hand, tend to remove or trim their beards, and therefore hair can fall on the sink and hide in even the most insidious places or superfluous hairs such as those on legs, nose and ears. For this reason, it is always wise to keep our bathroom clean, since for all these reasons it must be a frequently disinfected place due to its intimate use.

How to continue

There are many products on the market that tend to eliminate germs and bacteria, but sometimes they can be very expensive and not as effective as some natural methods. For example, one of them is widely used in hotels and leaves the typical clean smell that we notice when we enter a hotel room while traveling and especially in the bathrooms.

To ensure that you have shiny and clean sanitary ware, simply use sodium bicarbonate and spread it on the sink and toilet. Then spray a little white vinegar and clean everything with hot water using a microfiber cloth or sponge.

To make it smell special, we can add lemon juice or essential oils, depending on which scent we like best, or we can resort to another secret.

Luxury hotels, for example, after cleaning the sanitary ware with this method, tend to drizzle it with baby oil, using a cotton swab soaked with it and clean the surfaces with it.

In this way the bathroom remains very clean and shiny and we have a smell that makes us forget that we are in one of the most used rooms and that tends to get dirty faster in our homes.