For a good view, windows should be cleaned regularly. A drink is particularly suitable for cleaning. People who clean their windows often resort to chemical cleaning agents. But some home remedies work just as well. So, for example also a beverage, which has nearly everyone at home. But how do you clean your windows without streaks and smears?

Cleaning windows without streaks and smears: Drink works wonders

If you don’t want to use expensive chemicals like glass cleaner, you can clean your windows not only with vodka, but also with black tea. Black tea is a true miracle weapon in the household, because the tannins in the drink have a grease-dissolving effect and eliminate shabby dirt. With proper use, streaks and smears can be avoided.

For the application one cooks up the tea first as usual and lets it pull for some minutes, as the hardware store Toom on its Website reports. Those who regularly drink black tea and have some left over can use the leftovers instead. The drink is then added to a spray bottle with water, which is ultimately used to apply the mixture. Cloth is then used to dry the whole thing. Alternatively, consumers can wipe the window pane with a sock for a shiny final result. However, care should be taken when using the black tea.

Cleaning windows with home remedies: black tea has a clear disadvantage

The lifehack for cleaning windows has a catch – at least if it is used incorrectly. If you use the tea more often for cleaning, the window frames can become slightly discolored.

The surest way to streak-free windows is therefore not through additional products, but through the thorough removal of all liquid residues on the glass surface. Because where there is no liquid, no substances can dry on the pane,” it continues. Remnants of black tea should therefore be just as absent after window cleaning as the previous dirt.