Washing powder makes laundry fine and clean, that’s for sure. But did you know that washing powder can also be used ideally for other things in the household? These are the best tricks with washing powder. Washing powder is ideal not only for washing clothes. Thanks to its grease-dissolving effect, it can also be used elsewhere in the household – for example, in the kitchen. Washing powder is a real all-rounder. It not only ensures clean laundry but can also be ideally used for cleaning in the household and for other purposes. Detergent is particularly suitable for these four household tricks.

  1. Washing powder as a grease cleaner in the kitchen

To ensure that the laundry is always clean, washing powder usually has fat-dissolving properties. The powder is therefore ideal as a grease cleaner for the kitchen. Whether it’s an extractor hood, burnt pots and pans or oil stains on the kitchen counter, cleaning with detergent is easy. Put some detergent powder on a wet sponge or rag and then work on the particular spot in the kitchen. Dirt crusts in pots and pans are best soaked with the detergent first. It is important to carefully wipe household items such as cooking utensils or the kitchen counter with water after cleaning with washing powder. This way, you can make sure that no residue of the powder remains.

  1. Detergent for the dirty toilet

The toilet can also be cleaned with washing powder in a simple but effective way. If you want to remove residues such as lime or urine scale from the toilet bowl, simply pour some powder into the toilet. Rub the washing powder with a sponge or rag and let it soak in. The more stubborn the stains are, the longer you can leave the washing powder on. At the end, simply flush and enjoy a sparkling clean toilet.

  1. Cleaning grout effectively

Let’s stay in the bathroom right away. Grout lines between tiles also benefit from treatment with washing powder. Discolored grout can be cleaned white again with the agent and even mold spores can be removed with it. To do this, mix a slightly thicker paste of washing powder and water. Use a toothbrush to work the wet washing powder into the joints. Leave it to work for about an hour before carefully wiping the joints with a wet cloth or sponge.

  1. Make the household smell good

However, washing powder is not only suitable for cleaning, but also provides pleasant scents in the household. For example, you can simply suck up a pinch of washing powder with your vacuum cleaner. In this way, you prevent foul odors while vacuuming and ensure good air.

You love laundry that smells like fresh detergent? Then you can also fill a cotton bag with washing powder and put it in your closet. If you would like to have the scent of freshly washed laundry throughout your home, you can fill a bowl with water and add washing powder. Then soak a kitchen towel or towel in it and hang it over the heater. This way you can also remove smoke smell from the apartment.