Put away your clothes every time the seasons change! This is a mission that is not dear to our hearts, but that we must do in order to have a well-organized closet where we do not spend the morning looking for a missing sweater or a lost sock! Organization obliges when there is not enough space in the closet. Sorting, tidying … a chore, but it’s a blessing, you’ll see!

Storage tip: how to store my wardrobe?

Whatever closet you have, modern or old-fashioned, the latter remains the essential piece of furniture for storing all your clothes. Now you need to know how to proceed to make the most of it!

Here are some basic rules for you to optimize your wardrobe storage:

  • If your wardrobe has a hanger, use flat hangers of the same model to save space. Hang your clothes there by category and then by color.
  • For deep closets, create one pile of clothes lengthwise, not two piles in a row! For example, fold pants only in the middle! This will allow you to take advantage of the depth and gain height!

How do I store winter or summer clothes?

Every year, winter sweaters, coats, and gloves are replaced with dresses, skirts, and t-shirts as summer temperatures rise. And when the gray weather returns, coats, down jackets and big sweaters find their place in the closet! If you’re having trouble storing and your clothes are still in bad shape when you unpack them, follow these tips and see the results for yourself in a few months!

  • Wash your clothes before you pack them away

In fact, any stain left on a garment will only make it more solid. On the other hand, clean clothes do not attract insects during storage. So, you know what you need to do.

  • Choose the right storage container

Even clean cardboard boxes can attract insects. Plastic items can cause mold on your clothes if they get wet. The best choice for your storage is a carefully cleaned empty suitcase or classic storage container with a lid that keeps moisture out.

  • We must be careful with the mothballs

Do you usually use mothballs? Did you know that despite their effectiveness, they contain a pesticide that is toxic to children and pets? Opt for a healthier alternative instead! Use cedar blocks in your storage container, it’s efficient and less dangerous.

  • Hang clothes properly

Fabric bags are just what you need! Clothes that can be hung up during storage are packed in breathable fabric bags. We also make sure that there is enough space for air circulation. This way, we reduce the risk of mold and prevent clothes from wrinkling. Smart.

  • Choose the right type of storage

Don’t hang all of your clothes! Some items, like knit sweaters and thick sweaters, can warp if hung up for too long! Fold your clothes carefully and place them in airtight storage boxes to protect them from bad odors and insects. Store your things, starting with the heaviest items, and especially don’t stack them or you risk creating wrinkles that are difficult to remove! Then go to the top of the closet and you’re good to go!

Extra tip: tie the scarves on wide hangers!

There is a clean, cool, dark and dry room. To protect your beloved garments, choose a ventilated place for storage without direct sunlight. This way you will prevent them from fading! Also, this place must be dry, because as you know, moisture attracts insects and promotes the spread of mold.

Clothes storage: how to store your clothes if you have no space?

There are clothes to store, but also underwear for which we need to find a place in the closet! How to do it when you have no space? We will tell you everything!

How to store your underwear!

The solution to store and divide your lingerie and other clothes in a closet! Use boxes, baskets or dividers to divide the shelves! However, be careful not to stack them, because it will be absolutely impractical to find your pink thong with sequins or your favorite push-up bra! Also, be sure to protect the most fragile items by putting them in pockets.

Dressing tip: where to put clothes in the bedroom?

Again, storing clothes is unavoidable so you don’t end up with a bursting closet to get lost in! Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks to keep your clothes organized, even if you don’t have a closet! Therefore, we can use:

  • The dresser: it provides a large storage area and avoids the feeling of clutter.
  • The open or closed wardrobe: very functional, with lots of storage space, but still expensive!
  • The storage bed: do you think this storage trick is only for your child’s bedroom? Fake! It is an adequate solution if you want a room with a refined look.
  • The bed bench with integrated dresser: elegant and practical, the bed bench complements your closet or dresser.
  • The clothes rack: this accessory can give your bedroom a “boutique” style. Minimalist, functional and accessible with a flick of the wrist. However, avoid overloading it so as not to pollute your space!

Some models have a lower shelf where you can store your shoes, boxes, bags, etc. Think about it!

How do you optimize your wardrobe for storing shoes and boots?

Oh, your leather, plastic or even ski boots … you love them, they’re so pretty! But they take up space. What if you wrap them in fabric covers? That will protect them from dust! Stack them in the back of your closet for winter storage. And voila! Do the same with the shoes we don’t wear this season. Don’t forget the canvas boxes to protect all your clothes, shoes and accessories! So practical!

We hope to have bypassed the question without leaving out the smallest detail! Do not hesitate to put into practice our various tips!