Thanks to him, you often prepare gourmet and tasty dishes. However, like any household appliance, the oven is not immune to bacteria and dirt residues. To stay healthy and efficient, it is necessary to maintain it regularly. The task is not always easy? No more exhaustion, quickly discover this ingenious method that will save you time. As a bonus, you no longer have to invest in cleaning products, with this tip you will also save money!

Household chores multiply at home and some are always more tedious than others. One of them is oven cleaning. But, as you often request, food scraps and burnt food inevitably accumulate. If you neglect the situation for too long, the problem will eventually worsen, the oven will become dirtier, and the traces of dirt will be much more difficult to remove. Are you against the regular use of chemical substances? Without knowing it, you have the ideal remedy in your kitchen: lemon. But yes, this citrus fruit has more than one trick up its sleeve! It is an unexpected cleaning agent whose properties are particularly useful to neutralize all kinds of stains that get stuck in different elements of the house.

Why do you need to put a bowl of water and lemon in the oven?

The oven is a device that is widely used for all kinds of culinary recipes. It makes our dishes so much tastier that it’s hard to live without it. The only problem: it tends to get dirty easily and quickly due to crusted food. The solution for effective cleaning? Lemon.

It may surprise many, but lemon is not only useful for seasoning and spicing up food. This natural ingredient is also very effective in cleaning different areas of the house. Apart from its acidity, it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help disinfect the elements and eliminate all germs. So, you can use it without moderation to stain, brighten and deodorize rooms. To remove burnt-on food in the oven, all you need is a (heat-resistant) bowl, a lemon and some water.

How to apply this remedy? In the bowl, mix a lemon juice with 1/3 cup of cold water. Turn on the oven at high temperature (300°F) and put the bowl on the floor for 20 minutes before turning it off. At high temperature, the lemon will release its steam, which will not only deodorize the oven, but also loosen the encrusted dirt more easily. All you need to do is mix the water in the bowl with some dishwashing liquid to clean the appliance effortlessly. Use a sponge to remove grease and residue from all the walls. Then wipe it off with a clean cloth. You’ll find that baked-on food stains come off much easier and faster. Clean and sanitized, your oven will have a nice shine again and will now be scented with a sweet citrus scent.

Lemon is also suitable for cleaning the microwave

Also take the opportunity to clean the microwave! Because it also gets dirty very easily when you heat your dishes. Grease splashes inside are constant. To disinfect it, all you need is half a lemon. Put it inside and turn on the device for a minute so that the lemon can warm up well. Then rub the inside of the microwave oven with this hot lemon half. Leave it on for a few minutes. Then wipe with a clean cloth or towel. The food residues inside will dissolve thanks to the lemon juice and will be very easy to remove.


Another effective solution: you can use the same method you used for the oven. So, take a bowl of water mixed with lemon juice and put it on the microwave. Let it heat up for 2 minutes: The steam will make cleaning easier by softening the dirt residue. All you have to do is run a sponge soaked in the mixture (and a little detergent) into the appliance. Dry it with a clean cloth. And voila!

The effect of lemon is not so conclusive? Then it is quite possible that the microwave is very dirty, and the stains are really stubborn. In this case, try this effective remedy: Mix lemon with baking soda. This white cleaning powder, which everyone already knows, is often excellent at getting rid of the most stubborn grease stains.

Application: Add two teaspoons of baking soda to half a lemon and rub well in the microwave. The cleaning duo triggers a chemical reaction that is particularly effective in removing burnt food residues and even lime stains. Your microwave has never been cleaner!

As a bonus, you can use this mixture to clean the sink and faucet in the kitchen or bathroom.