You may have noticed how widespread the bleaching treatment is becoming. Did you know, however, that in addition to teeth or hair, it can also be done safely under the armpits?

Perhaps something already will have realized that, some times, dark halos may be evident under being. These are most often generated by the razor that is used to remove hair. Other times, however, this dark spot is genetic.

Don’t worry, though! We can resort to a really easy-to-use “Grandma” trick to solve the problem.

Dark underarm halos: here’s the solution!

There is a totally natural ingredient that can be used to get rid of dark underarm halos and perform a perfect whitening. We are talking about cucumber, which is able to eliminate dead cells and make the skin look much clearer and brighter.

We will just cut a cucumber and pass it under the armpit: after about ten minutes we should rinse. This does not mean that we cannot recreate a real mask based on this precious vegetable.

In this case, we will have to mix a tablespoon of cucumber pulp with two drops of lemon. At this point, we apply the mixture under the armpit and let it sit for about twenty minutes. After that, we remove it with a cotton ball that is soaked in milk. This treatment should be repeated at least once every three days.

After the third application, the results will be clearly visible. Milk, remember, is used because it is a natural exfoliant and removes dead cells.

Other tips:

Then there are other tips that can be really very useful. These tricks, manage to get nice clear underarms. We can use baking soda with water as a natural scrub. To prevent the problem, we always recommend avoiding razor hair removal: small blackheads will always remain visible and the risk of the hairs becoming ingrown increases.

We always use a deodorant that is alcohol-free, as this is one of the main causes of the problem. We also choose a product without parabens and silicones. Finally, keep in mind that the area can be cleansed with a gentle sponge that will help us remove all dead cells. Regardless, prevention turns out to be perhaps the extra weapon to prevent annoying dark halos under the armpit. Try these methods and let me know what you think!