Can a dead plant still have a life expectancy? With this step suggested by gardeners, it’s super easy: it will be beautiful again. Having plants in the house that beautify the rooms with their fragrance and color is everyone’s desire. However, each type of plant requires special care and attention recommended by industry experts. Green thumb or not, it can happen that a plant dies or withers due to a wrong movement. Is it possible to bring it back to life? Thanks to this method and these ingredients, in a short time it will be as beautiful as it once was.

Almost dead plant? How to care for houseplants

It often happens that a plant is attacked by parasites, becomes ill or dries up. The roots can become soaked in water and moisture tends to cause them to die prematurely.

The signs are obvious and can be seen in appearance, color and especially on the leaves. In this case, patience, respect for the plant and also give time to recover with the help of small, completely natural precautions. The most experienced gardeners teach how to take care of these creatures that should not be considered only decorative elements. It is important to know every feature and remedies to keep them healthy and beautiful.

What are the causes of death of plants?

The causes of death of a plant are many and must be sought mainly in the treatment and possible diseases that have affected it. Then there are the parasites that show holes, wrinkles and even swelling in the stem until it dries up before finally dying.

The leaves should be cleaned at least once a week with soapy water and a clean cloth soaked with the substance. Also watch out for excess water, which leads to stagnation, causing the roots to rot and then gradually affect the trunk and leaves.

To solve this problem, stop watering and put the plant in the sun, with the direct rays that dry it and bring it back to life.

Bring a plant back to life: the gardener’s method

As mentioned above, the causes of death can be many, including human treatment. Species are different, each with the need for necessary nutrients that make them grow and beautiful day after day.

The root must be smooth, with thick white tips: However, for some, the substrate is also important, which varies the nutrition depending on the age and type of plant. To overcome certain problems, it is possible to make a completely natural fertilizer, as recommended by experienced gardeners.

With organic household waste, you will help not only the environment, but also the plants in the house and garden. These must be assembled and then filtered to obtain the liquid that will be used as a natural fertilizer.

The steps to be carried out are as follows:

  • Remove all dry leaves and cut the plant with sharp plant shears to the height of the compost.
  • The vase should now be placed in a bucket of room temperature (non-freezing) water.
  • When there are no more bubbles, you can take the plant out of the bucket and wait until it has removed – of course – all the excess water .
  • Now place it in a fresh and bright environment, but without exposing it to direct light. In a short time, the plant comes back to life and becomes even more beautiful than before.