When we find a broken zipper in our hands, we already know that this will lead us to find a seamstress. to have to replace it. But in some cases, there are tricks that we can use and know the seamstresses, these are tricks that can avoid an expensive repair. Let’s see how to fix it in the shortest time possible.

How to avoid tailoring repairs?

Sometimes carelessness leads to spoil the clothes, which are used every day, and there is no other solution than their immediate repair or replacement in advance. To avoid these situations, you just need to follow a few simple instructions when using, washing and storing clothes. By implementing them, families can save a few euros that will help them arrive more comfortably at the end of the month. The part of the household budget traditionally allocated to clothing is one of the items most vulnerable to savings in times of crisis like the current one.

If you wear the same clothes or jacket almost all the time, you will have to wash and iron them more often and your clothes will get ruined faster. A faded shirt, faded colors on shirts or worn wrinkles are some of the effects that lack of care has on clothing. But beyond that are breaking parts like replacing a broken zipper. But does it really need to be replaced if it’s just worn through or a small piece of plastic is out of place? It really doesn’t seem to.

Broken zipper repaired in just 2 minutes

There is nothing more unpleasant than a jacket zipper that is frayed or broken, right at the bottom where the tip is supposed to be inserted into the slider and then close it. One possible solution is to heat the beaks of needle nose pliers well over a flame. This will fuse the frayed parts together. This must be repeated several times to blend them together. So, at this point, cut two small rectangles of fabric in the same color as the broken zipper, place them above and below the zipper and glue them with the attack, helping us with tweezers. Once the glue dries and the zipper is no longer frayed, we can easily close the jacket.

If it is the plastic piece at the base of the hinge that breaks, we need to get a piece of soft plastic that must be the same size as the broken one that we need to glue on the broken part and then finish with a cutter to remove the excess parts and the game is done. Sometimes it happens that the hook, with which we can maneuver the cursor, breaks. In this case it is enough to find a metal ring to replace the missing part.

If the zipper of a backpack does not seem to want to open, perhaps because it is oxidized, we can do something. In this case, we need to use an unblocking spray. Just a squirt and the cursor will move again.

Does the zipper open in the middle? This means that the slider has lost its grip and should be tightened. But for this we need pliers and two small pieces of plastic cut from a bottle. So, for this problem, we need to release the cursor by opening the zipper to reinsert it. At this point, the two small pieces of plastic are inserted between the cursor and the fabric, and enough pressure is applied with the pliers so that the plastic cannot be easily removed. They will eventually come off and the cursor will be functional again.