Does your kitchen seem small and messy? Don’t worry. We’ve compiled simple and creative ideas to furnish your small space. With these pro tips, your kitchen will look bigger and more spacious! You won’t have any trouble switching between your stoves and appliances, and your small kitchen will be both stylish and functional. How do you properly organize your small kitchen? Amazing tips and storage ideas to optimize the space in your small room.

Furnishing and organizing a small space is not an easy task. The space must be used well to avoid clutter. If you’re struggling to furnish your small kitchen. Here are original ideas to make the most of your small space!

  1. paint the ceiling

By painting the ceiling an unexpected color like blue, you can draw the eye to the ceiling, giving the impression that your small kitchen is ultimately higher than it seems. In fact, Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux, an international architectural paint brand, thinks colors are important in the kitchen. Walls and furniture can look boring without them.

  1. Combine white with wood

To brighten up your kitchen and make it look more spacious, opt for white. This light color is perfect for small spaces. It provides a light and airy atmosphere. To make sure your kitchen doesn’t look monotonous, combine wood with the color white. It’s a neutral and sophisticated touch that is also trendy in terms of decoration. For example, you can opt for white furniture and choose wooden parquet for the floor. Your white and wood kitchen will provide order and tranquility. For more space, you can opt for open shelves. If your kitchen seems very cold, choose colored utensils or opt for lighting in warm tones. A cozy atmosphere that always makes you want to prepare friendly dishes for your family or friends.

  1. Refresh walls and furniture

Painting kitchen cabinets is a trendy trick. It will save you money as you don’t have to change or replace your furniture. A new color scheme will do your small kitchen a lot of good. You can paint lower cabinets in a darker color than upper cabinets. Dividing the space in this way will give the impression that there is a larger space between the floor and the ceiling. It’s genius and it really works!

  1. Opt for white and black

If your space is very small, your kitchen should be simple. You can opt for black furniture and a white backsplash. This monochromatic kitchen style called “tuxedo kitchen” is simple but with a modern touch. Black adds consistency and depth to the kitchen, while white adds a touch of lightness and freshness.

  1. Choose a light and airy style

For small kitchens, it’s best to use light tones. This will expand your kitchen space. You can also add a woody touch to your room. If you don’t like white and cream, you can use a smoky gray. A smoked oak wood, plus a matte gray color, plus a light countertop, and your kitchen will be more spacious and airier than usual!

  1. Use a mint green color for a calm feeling

Small kitchens can look messy and cluttered. To solve this problem, choose a color that promotes calm and relaxation, such as mint green. Choose different tones and shades for cabinets, walls and accessories to make your kitchen less boring.

  1. Opt for colors that reflect the light

Choose a color palette that reflects light and gives your kitchen a sense of grandeur. For example, you can pair white patterned tiles and marble countertops with duck egg blue kitchen cabinets. This will help you avoid superfluous neutral colors like beige, gray or white.

  1. Match the color of the cabinets with that of the walls

You can create the illusion of a larger space only with monochromatic colors. To do this, you can paint the cabinets and cupboards in the same color as the walls. Choose a light color. Your room will appear brighter and airier. The furniture will blend in with the kitchen walls and won’t seem to clutter your kitchen.

  1. Focus on the lighting

If your small kitchen seems boring, you can breathe life into your small space by using lighting that not only creates a warmer atmosphere, but also illuminates your space in an aesthetic and original way. For this, you can opt for open shelves with exposed light bulbs. This original touch will distract from the fact that the kitchen is small.

  1. Focus on the small details

Whatever style you choose for your kitchen, pay special attention to the details. To compensate for the lack of space, bring a touch of luxury to your kitchen. You can choose between sophisticated and golden handles for your furniture, a luxurious backsplash or good lighting.

  1. Decide on a cladding

If you are looking for an original layout for your kitchen that doesn’t remind you of conventional designs, you can opt for paneling. This material will give your kitchen a chalet atmosphere with a modern and warm touch. You can use it to cover the ceiling or stop on the walls. You can opt for vertical cladding. The vertical stance brings height to the low volume. Choose tongue and groove paneling to add lightness to your kitchen.

  1. Choose japandi style

Japandi is a minimalist decorating style. It is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian decorating style. According to Rebecca Knight, co-editor of Ideal Home, this style gives kitchens a calm, minimalist atmosphere. It’s also ideal for small spaces. A kitchen for those who don’t feel like decorating, but value sophistication… A good compromise!

  1. Opt for fragmented kitchen style

To maintain the open aspect of your kitchen while separating the different areas of your kitchen, you can divide your space into zones by installing partitions or semi-partitions that you can open or remove as needed. This way, you separate the dining room, the kitchen and the living room.

  1. Add a glass partition as a separation

If you need to add partitions or dividers to separate the different areas of a small kitchen, you can install a half glass partition. Your kitchen will remain open and light can easily enter. Use this separation to hide space-consuming appliances and utensils.

  1. Do not neglect the aisles

Aisles need to be taken into consideration. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you should always keep a walk-through space clear on one or both sides of the center island or your countertop. This space is both functional and aesthetic.

  1. Optimize the use of the kitchen

In addition to design, you also need to think about how you use your kitchen. So, you can think about the appliances you need, as well as the dishes and utensils you need. This will help you avoid appliances that you don’t need. The goal is to declutter your kitchen as much as possible.

  1. Use many hooks

To keep your countertop uncluttered, hang several storage hooks under open shelves. You can hang your teacups from them and avoid upper cabinets that clutter up small spaces.

  1. Choose the right tiles for wall tiling

If you like wall tiles, pay attention to tiles. Avoid small tiles or those with patterns. They will make your kitchen look smaller. It is recommended to use matte tiles with light and natural tones or glossy tiles.

  1. Choose the right flooring

In a small kitchen, every detail matters. The flooring is also important. If chosen correctly, it can create the impression of a spacious kitchen. As we’ve just seen, a larger tile gives the illusion of a larger space. Isabel Fernandez, director of Quorn Stone, recommends using 900 x 600 tiles, a size suitable for both small and large spaces.

You can also opt for wood-look porcelain stoneware, which is becoming increasingly popular for small spaces due to its long and narrow format. Choose a grout color that matches the color of the cladding. This will make the grout less visible, making your room more open and spacious.

  1. Decide on two floor coverings

To give your kitchen a sense of grandeur, simply choose two different flooring styles. Your kitchen will look like it has two separate rooms. Opt for a patterned coating to add a touch of dynamism to your kitchen and cover stains and spills. Or a neutral upholstery style that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Bring texture to the walls

To camouflage the narrow space of your kitchen, add a touch of originality to your walls. How ? Quite simply, by painting the walls with a coat of lime paint. The stone effect will add texture to the walls. You can also put open shelves on the walls to create a rustic atmosphere that will take your kitchen space.

  1. Customize the wall with shelves above a mirror

If you are an avid DIYer, you can customize your own wall by adding a mirror behind open shelves in your kitchen. The mirror gives the illusion of a larger space.

  1. Decorate the kitchen

To keep your guests from noticing the small space of your kitchen, bring a bold touch. Decorate some areas with patterns, as long as they are large and repetitive. Small patterns make your kitchen look more uncluttered.

  1. Bet on the space

To make your kitchen look spacious, the room should be open. Kitchen designer Vlad Putjatins advises to keep a distance between the upper cabinets and the ceiling, so as not to enclose the space. You can also increase the level of light or install windows.