When orange peels are dipped in a bottle of water, few know what you get. And those who don’t know will be truly surprised by the end result! Orange peels are considered by most to be useless scraps that get thrown in the trash, just like leftover vegetables. However, they could prove to be very useful. For example, citrus peels are especially good for making oils, fragrances, natural cleaners and degreasers to thoroughly clean the house.

Orange peel in the bottle to save a lot of money

Today, those who manage to reduce the production of household waste, do themselves and the environment a favor. Among the many waste products, orange peel is a great way to make completely natural household products. For example, if you make a cleaner from orange peels, not only will reduce waste and save money, but you will also produce something that is free of harsh ingredients and chemicals that are harmful to both the environment and health. What are the advantages of the detergent made with orange peels? First, it is free of chemicals and toxins, then it is safe for all surfaces, saves money, reduces food waste and lasts a long time.

Recipes natural cleaner with orange peel

To make a natural detergent based on orange peel is absolutely simple. Just a few ingredients and you have in your hands a product that will last a long time. Here’s what you need to prepare it:

  • a spray bottle;
  • a plastic bottle or jar;
  • the orange peels;
  • a spoonful of baking soda;
  • a spoon of salt.

How to prepare it:

To prepare this natural product, it is first necessary to put the orange peels in a glass or plastic bottle and put it in the refrigerator. The orange peels are peeled from about 6 medium-sized oranges, enough to fill the jar or bottle. After discarding, they should be washed with salt and water to remove residues of parasites, germs and pesticides. After disinfection, the orange peels should be cut into strips or small pieces. Then you need to put them back into the bottle or jar until they are completely filled. At this point, simply add salt, baking soda and water without completely filling the container. This is because the solution must have enough space to ferment.

How long should orange peels be left to infuse? As long as possible to get a more intense smell. One week is usually sufficient. After this time, the bottle or jar should be opened so that the gases can escape . Then the liquid obtained must be filtered in a multi-purpose container or spray bottle. After straining the peels, you will have on your hands a citrus cleaner with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. With this product you can clean the bathroom, kitchen surfaces, dishes, but also thoroughly wash the floor. For best results, the bottle should be stored in a dry, cool place when not in use, for example, in a pantry or basement.