Over the years, technology has helped us to speed up house cleaning, but we’re always fond of the dear old broom! Maybe it’s because it’s easy to pick up, takes up little space and does its job very well, it may be what it will be, but it’s undoubtedly handy enough to keep close to hand at all times.

Behind the door, in the closet, in the kitchen cupboard, outside on the balcony, it is a very trustworthy ally. If it assists us in the task of picking up crumbs, the same cannot be said of hair and dust. Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are, we will end up just moving it to another place, not deleting it or grouping it in one place. So, we end up having to reach for the vacuum cleaner and make another pass. Double the effort for a single result? Oh no! We’re in favor of saving time on house maintenance, not doubling it! That’s why we’ve come up with a revolutionary trick!

Discover with us the trick to really get rid of dust

To really use the broom effectively and collect not only crumbs but also dust and hair, i.e. the lightest dirt that simply lifts and moves elsewhere, all you need is a cap! Yes, a headset of course, but not just any headset. You need to use the non-woven fabric, i.e. the non-woven fabric we normally use to cover the plants on the patio and protect them from the winter frost.

Usually, the beautician or dentist covers the neck with this tool during the scaling procedure to protect the hair from splashes and substances that could damage it. It is not difficult to find them on the market, for example in stores specializing in beauty and wellness, but also in supermarkets. Do not use the cellophane for showering, it would be useless.

The fleece is able to trap dust and dirt between its weaves and attract them like a magnet. All you have to do is wrap it around the bristles of your broom and use it as usual. With just one stroke, you can remove any dirt from the floor without having to vacuum! Ingenious, isn’t it! Of course, it is a method that must be used daily to speed up the procedures but remember to also use technological and powerful devices from time to time for an even more thorough cleaning!