This element is ideal as an organic fertilizer for plants: its properties are truly exceptional.

Many people like to enrich the interior of their home with flowers and plants, which add vibrancy and color to all rooms of the house. However, if you want to ensure that the plants are always strong and lush, you need to know well the “secrets” of their care and maintenance: Therefore, it is good to understand where to place them and where best suited, the correct watering methods and so on. Another detail that you should consider for plants in the house and in the garden is the organic fertilizer.

Strong and lush plants: Here is the perfect solution

Organic fertilizers are products that are an exceptional form of nutrient supply to the soil intended for plant cultivation. But which are the most suitable? Experts in organic fertilizers know how to advise beginners in cultivation and need advice to really become a green thumb. In fact, not everyone knows that some foods that we usually eat on the table are perfect as organic fertilizers for plants.

This includes the pepper, even if it should not be used in its entirety: The part that interests us is the lower part that is usually discarded when you clean the vegetables. It is absolutely not necessary to remove this part of the pepper, because it can be extremely useful for its properties as an organic fertilizer.

In fact, this part is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium: all nutrients that allow our plants to grow strong and lush. But what do we need to do to ensure maximum nutrition from the lower part of the bell pepper? First, we need to put this portion in the blender, add a quart of water and blend everything for about a few minutes.

Bell pepper is ideal:

Once the pepper juice is obtained, it is transferred to another container by filtering with a sieve to separate the seeds from the liquid substance. After sieving, we can use the pepper juice. The good news is that this solution, which can be achieved in just a few minutes, can be easily applied to all plants that make the most of this excellent organic fertilizer.

Bell pepper plants:

Of course, watering must be done with some care not to damage the plants: We recommend applying the solution with a special sprinkler. After a short time, we will notice really satisfactory results: The plants appear tight and vigorous. The choice to use the lower part of the pepper is the best possible choice both in terms of results and from an economic point of view: instead of opting for particularly expensive products, you can opt for these natural solutions. From today, do not throw the lower part of the bell pepper in the trash: your plants will thank you.