Striped clothing does not seem to be best suited to either colored or white laundry. To prevent the laundry from discoloring, a small preliminary test helps.

Whether black and white or colorful stripes: With striped shirts, it’s never quite clear which laundry bag the favorite piece belongs in. Neither white nor colored laundry seems to be ideal for striped clothing. But with the right tips, you can master even this tricky laundry case.

Should striped T-shirts be washed in whites or colors? Test reveals it

To find out whether the dark stripes can discolor the rest of the laundry, new shirts should be washed by hand the first time and the fabric rubbed together gently. This way, you can easily tell from the wash water whether the stripes are discoloring or not.

  • If the wash water turns into a dark broth, the shirt should rather end up in the colored wash so as not to discolor light-colored garments.
  • If, on the other hand, the wash water remains clear, the striped shirt can be taken to the white wash next time. This way, the white stripes will remain brilliantly white for longer. However, you must then also expect that the colored stripes will fade more quickly if you wash it with a full detergent.
  • If in doubt, always wash striped shirts in colored detergents.
  • If this test is too time-consuming for you, striped shirts should always be washed in colors. Otherwise, there is a risk that dark stripes in particular will cause the rest of the white wash to turn gray. With this rule, the damage is limited.

Color catching cloths help against unwanted discoloration

Many people swear by color-catching cloths from the drugstore

to prevent unsightly discoloration during washing. They can also be a good idea for striped shirts. The color-catching cloths are simply placed in the drum with the laundry. During washing, they are supposed to absorb escaping dyes in the wash water before they are deposited on other garments. If the laundry is already discolored, home remedies help to save discolored clothing.