In summer, weeds sprout from every pavement joint, no matter how narrow. Natural home remedies help keep unwanted growths at bay.

Weeds seem to be truly indestructible. From the small cotyledon to the full-grown little plant often only a few days pass – and then it is difficult to get rid of it. Weeds that sprout between paving stones or sidewalk slabs are particularly troublesome to remove. Fortunately, there are effective home remedies that you can use to combat weeds naturally.

  • Potato, rice or pasta water allow weeds to enter joints

Potato, rice and pasta waters are excellent home remedies for removing weeds from joints. The starch residues in these cooking waters act as a natural herbicide on weeds by clogging what are called stomata (pores in the lower plant epidermis). Simply pour the hot water on the affected joints after boiling and the weeds will be pushed back after a few applications.

  • Nettle liquid manure

Nettle liquid manure is a powerful and environmentally friendly way to get rid of weeds. Collect 2 pounds of nettles and put them in a bucket with 10 quarts of water. Let the mixture ferment for about two weeks until it smells strong. Dilute the slurry with water (1:10) and pour it on the weed joints. The acid it contains will damage the plants so badly that they will die. Nettle liquid manure has also often proven itself as a home remedy against aphids.

  • Baking powder

Baking soda is another proven home remedy against weeds. Simply dissolve about two to three packets of baking soda in five quarts of water and pour it over the affected joints. The baking soda will kill the weeds and prevent them from growing again. However, to do this, it must be applied more frequently.

Why vinegar and salt should be avoided

Although vinegar and salt are often recommended as home remedies for weed control, they should be avoided. Vinegar can acidify the soil and damage surrounding plants. Salt, on the other hand, can permanently damage the soil, preventing plants from growing. Both substances can also leach into the environment and cause ecological problems. When used on paved roads such as driveways, there may even be heavy fines. Therefore, it is advisable to resort to more sustainable alternatives such as the home remedies mentioned above to effectively remove weeds from joints.