Have you used up that roll-on deodorant you’ve been using for a while? Don’t throw it away! You can reuse it in many ways. In this article, we’ll show you how to easily recycle your deodorant roller and avoid waste and litter. A gesture for the environment, but also for your wallet.

How to remove the ball from a deodorant roller? Also applies to recycling a glass deodorant roller

Before you recycle your deodorant roller, you need to perform an important step: Remove the bullet from this cosmetic product. It doesn’t seem like an easy task, but we have the trick for you that will make your job easier! The deodorant ball cannot be removed with your hands alone. It is designed to be held in place. In addition, it is to ensure the tightness of the deodorant, so that the liquid does not leak from the container. The liquid can only come out by turning the ball to facilitate the application of the deodorant.

To remove the deodorant ball, all you need is a roll of tape!

  • Cut the tape so that its width is less than that of the ball. The piece of tape should be long enough to wrap around the ball.
  • Make sure it is dry so the tape can stick to it.
  • Stick one end of the tape to the ball;
  • Hold the tape as close to the ball as possible, then twist it with your finger so that the piece of tape wraps around the ball.
  • Once the other end of the tape appears on the other side of the ball, tape the two ends together and pull on the tape to pop the ball out.

How do I use an empty deodorant roller?

Instead of quickly throwing your empty deodorant in the trash or sorting and packing box, why not recycle it? It could be used for other unexpected purposes. We’ll show you how.

Roll-on deodorant for painting

Do you like to paint? Roll-on deodorants can be used like rollers to conveniently spread paint. This trick is also a great way to let kids play with painting while minimizing mess. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the deodorant ball.
  • Wash the ball and bottle carefully.
  • Fill the empty deodorant with the watercolor paint mixed with water. You can use liquid watercolors, which are more convenient. However, if you have watercolors in tubes, you can mix them with water using a brush.
  • Replace the ball and lid and your paint roller is ready.
  • You can remove the deodorant label to better see the color of each bottle.

Empty deodorant roller to apply sunscreen

To apply your sunscreen easily and smoothly, you can use an empty deodorant container.

Remove the deodorant ball.

  • Wash the ball and the empty container thoroughly;
  • Fill the container with your sunscreen;
  • Put the ball back

Note that you can use the deodorant container to make it easier to apply your liquid creams.

The empty deodorant roller to massage your body

To massage certain areas of your body without using your hands, you can use an empty deodorant roller that you no longer use.

  • First, clean the container and the ball.
  • Put the gel or body oil you use for the massage into the bottle with a spoon.
  • Add a little water to dilute the gel and make it easier to apply.
  • Replace the ball and shake the bottle. This will give you a homemade massager.

So, you no longer have a reason to throw your deodorant in the classic trash can for waste separation or even in that of your bathroom. Recycling required

The deodorant roller to take your liquid soap with you

Liquid soap bottles tend to be large and can’t be taken everywhere. To make sure you always have soap with you, we recommend using the can of deodorant. After removing the ball and cleaning everything, pour your liquid soap or shower gel into the container and you’re done! This will give you soap that you can easily carry in your bag.

These handy recycling hacks are great for giving your regular roll-on deodorants a second life after they’re used up. What are you waiting for to try them out?