Ah, the BROOM… that faithful cleaning tool that accompanies us in our cleaning chores! But what to do when it can no longer be used to clean the dirtiest corners of the house? Instead of throwing it in the trash as waste, why not recycle it? In addition to protecting our environment and planet, this will provide you with unexpected benefits. We present our two DIY tips to test as soon as possible! If you thought you couldn’t get anything out of your old broom, think again! Because yes, it deserves a second chance too…you could even make it the star of your next eco-friendly craft! Get out your scissors and find out how you can breathe new life into your favorite cleaning buddy in two easy steps. Let’s go!

What objects can you make with an old plastic broom?

What if we told you, dear readers, that your old broom could be transformed into two incredibly useful objects for everyday tasks, would you believe it? We’re sure that many of you will be pleasantly surprised to see how such a mundane tool can reinvent itself and have other uses… And you know what? The tricks we’re about to share with you are so great that you’ll surely regret not having thought of them before! Come on, let’s get to work. So, check out our great upcycling ideas below and take note!

How to recycle your old broom and turn it into a practical item? 2 clever DIY ideas

Dear readers, a broom should not be left upside down in the closet with crushed bristles, crumbling under the dust and crumbs that he could recover for months, even years of good and faithful service! What are you waiting for, dust it off and put it to good use?

Brush for deep cleaning

With this first trick, you can now reach the most difficult corners of your house that have resisted repeated cleaning with your vacuum cleaner, but not only! You can even use it to deep clean your toilet. Don’t ask yourself too many questions! Just know that it will be effective in this unspectacular task… Here’s what you need:

  • An old broom that you no longer use.
  • A sharp knife
  • Scissors
  • Bleach or other disinfectant

The following steps:

  • Use your utility knife to divide your old broom into three equal parts.
  • You only need to keep the middle part with the hole that will be used to attach the handle.
  • Then cut off the bristles to make a brush with shorter bristles.
  • Adjust the length of the bristles to the area you want to clean, and then replace the broom handle.
  • Disinfect the brush with bleach or another disinfectant before use. You’ll eliminate any bacteria that may be trapped there, and you’re done!

With these few simple steps, you can turn your old “useless” broom into a powerful cleaning tool that won’t cost you a dime!

Brush for cleaning shoes

Did you think the other two cut off parts of your broom would end up in the bottom of the trash can? Dear readers, we are real recycling professionals… Get ready for the surprise! Thanks to our super shiny trick and your new secret weapons, you can finally say goodbye to dirty shoes! If you’re wondering how, just follow the instructions!

  • So, grab the two remaining parts of your paintbrush.
  • Trim any unsightly and worn hair.
  • Disinfect them with bleach.

And bounce! In no time, you’ll be equipped with two sparkling brushes that you can use to get rid of all the dirty stains that are in your way! You can use it to clean the soles of your shoes, your carpets, the various surfaces of your home, etc..

Recycling old things like his broom is not only environmentally friendly, but also a lot of fun! Think about it for a moment: Instead of getting rid of it, you can use it in other ways, just use your creativity! Not only will you reduce waste and save your money, but you’ll also have a great conversation starter the next time someone asks where you got those awesome new paintbrushes!