Did you know that there is a magic ingredient that keeps pests away and also eliminates weeds? Let’s find out what the ingredient is and how you can use it to achieve these benefits!

With the arrival of summer, nature awakens and many begin to grow plants on the balcony, terrace, garden or vegetable garden. The desire to collect the fruits with their own hands is priceless, however, it is not easy to get a good harvest, if the plants are attacked by parasites. In fact, it often happens that these tiny animals invade plants and take them by storm. What to do in these cases? The solution is to choose a pesticide that effectively eliminates pests while not killing plants.

It is not easy to choose an effective but harmless product for plant health. This is because those available on the market are often chemically resistant and also expensive. For this reason, natural remedies are used and in this case there is an inexpensive and easy to find ingredient. What are we talking about? Baking soda, which you definitely have at home and do not even need to buy.

Baking soda is excellent against pests and weeds

You probably never knew this, but baking soda is an effective pesticide. Biodegradable and easy to use, this ingredient is often used to protect plants. In fact, this natural ingredient is able to keep parasites away and is perfect for eliminating various types of insects without being aggressive to plants.

The ingredient acts in a wide spectrum of action and is also used to prevent parasite infestations and to eliminate them when they have already infested the plants. Keeps away aphids, mites and other pests through its defensive function without harming the plants.

Baking soda also effectively kills weeds, making it an excellent choice for keeping plants free of a variety of weeds. For example, this works for weeds or other herbs that grow around plants and trap the valuable nutrients they need to thrive. The advantage of using this natural ingredient is also that you save money compared to products on the market, because it is an ingredient that costs very little. Perfect because it allows an absolutely environmentally friendly treatment of plants, is ecological , does not pollute the environment and also increases the salinity of the soil , resulting in better crop results.

How to use baking soda for plants

It does not matter if you already have it at home or have to buy it, baking soda is a very cheap ingredient and you do not have to spend much on it. You can use this ingredient in different ways. However, the more practical and convenient method is to prepare a solution, pour it into a spray bottle and then spray it directly on the plants you want to treat. To prepare an effective solution, dilute 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a quart of water and spray it on plants to rid them of parasites and weeds.

Be sure to shake the prepared solution well and spray it on the plants. Be careful not to direct the jet directly on the flowers and fruits. Perform this operation every 20 days, to take preventive measures over a longer period and avoid new parasite infestations. The best time to carry out the treatment is early in the morning or in the evening after sunset. The effect is guaranteed and you can treat the plants without spending too much, but with a product that you do not even have to look for because we all keep it in the kitchen.