You absolutely must avoid these foods before going to bed, because you would be making a very serious mistake! Here are which ones we are talking about.

Sometimes the days are so hot, long, and full of daily commitments that the only goal we have is to get home, take a wonderful shower to get rid of sweat and fatigue, eat dinner, and dive into bed.

Yes, because sleep, after a really heavy day, is what we need to recover and, above all, rest in order to better face the day that will come shortly after. Sometimes, however, we experience sleepless or disturbed nights, and we often blame stress or anxiety accumulated during the day; sure, these two factors affect, but they are not the only ones. Sleep is also disturbed by food. So, let’s see what foods to absolutely avoid before bedtime by eliminating them from our shopping list for dinner.

You absolutely must avoid these foods before bedtime: they could be dangerous for your sleep

We have said that sleeping is one of the activities we most enjoy doing, in fact arriving at night and getting into bed, very tired, with clean sheets and after a relaxing shower is what we aspire to all day long. Whether it’s winter or summer, the feeling of lying down and closing our eyes for a while is immense. But we also mentioned that unfortunately very often we ingest foods before going to bed that can be dangerous to our body and would go to disturb our sleep.

Today we look at some of them trying to avoid them as much as possible. The first one is a drink rather than a meal, and it is coffee; we know that it has exciting properties and is often drunk during the day to stay awake and operational to work and deal with different commitments. Drinking it before going to bed is not a good idea at all, because we would find ourselves staying up all night worsening our insomnia.

The second one, on the other hand, is alcohol; summer evenings really encourage us to spend a few hours with friends in some pubs, maybe drinking a few beers, without overdoing it. But this could be really dangerous for our sleep: while it is true that alcohol, if taken in large quantities, can bring drowsiness, it can also lead to an acceleration of the heart rate that could keep us awake all night.

Third might be sausages, dairy products and red meat: these three foods are highly discouraged at dinner and especially if we have no chance to digest them afterwards, taking a walk or going out with friends. They would stay on our stomach, making us feel weighed down and consequently eliminating sleep, causing us to have a sleepless night. In the evening, therefore, it is good to eat white meat, fish or some fruit; we will sleep like an angel in this case as soon as we get into our bed.