Cooking can be a fun and creative activity, but it can also be very tiring. Just think about the fact that after cooking we also have to clean up: think about the burners and saucers, the main items that get dirty when we cook. Don’t be afraid, though. In this article we will reveal to you some absolutely outstanding ideas to make them as good as new again. Let’s see them in detail!

  • Clean cookers and saucers with baking soda

Baking soda again comes to our aid. In this case, we will have to make a kind of thick paste, mixing it with water, and spread it all over the cooktop. We are careful not to clog the gas ports and then use a sponge. The result will be amazing.

  • Yellow soap organic soap

Organic soap can easily be mixed with baking soda to make a unique product. We use one tablespoon of baking soda with one of soap and mix. A foamy paste will be made, which we will spread on the sponge and on the fires and saucers. Yellow soap, often used in the washing machine, can also be used in small quantities. Similarly, we should spread it on a sponge: at the end, we rinse it off!

  • Olive oil

Another method of easily removing dirt from the cooktop involves the use of olive oil; it does not need to be extra virgin. This ingredient has impressive degreasing power: just run it over the surface and wipe it clean to make the stove shine. Not much scrubbing is necessary! We use a paper towel to distribute it. Next, we will need to go ahead and rinse the saucers before using them.

  • Vinegar and lemon for shiny fires and saucers

Another combination that may already be familiar to some is that of vinegar and lemon. Two ingredients that are often used in the kitchen, together, think of salads for example, but can be very useful for cleaning the cooktop. Their combination, thanks to their acidity, makes for crazy cleanliness: your saucers and burners will be practically as good as new! A first use will be enough to already notice the difference from before. All we need to do is pour the various iron or cast-iron elements that they are, into a pot, and then pour a glass and a half of vinegar, with the juice of a whole lemon. We cover the whole thing with hot water and let it soak long enough for the solution to act. At the end of this phase, all we have to do is rinse everything well and scrub: the result will be truly incredible!