Encrusted shower: do this and get rid of limescale deposits for good

The shower and bath are a place of relaxation par excellence. From here you leave relaxed, clean and fragrant, but on one condition! Always choose natural, non-aggressive cleaning agents and remove limescale deposits from the shower head. Indeed, a combination of these two negative elements causes itching and discomfort in the skin, leaving us with a feeling of lack of freshness and discomfort.

On the contrary, experts recommend washing completely every 48 hours and carrying out a thorough daily hygiene of the parts with the largest sweat glands. However, if you are a creature of habit, if you exercise consistently or if you love to take a few minutes for yourself every day and let yourself be pampered by a hot bath, pay maximum attention to the products you use and make sure that the shower head is free of encrustations.

How do you do that? We’ll explain it to you!

Encrusted shower: How to remove limescale deposits from the shower head for good.

If you feel an annoying itch on your skin after a good shower, you should know that the cause is limescale deposits. So you used unclean water to wash us!

Too bad! However, you can remedy the situation immediately by wearing a pair of rubber gloves and using only a toothpick.

See all those little holes on the shower head? Well, municipal drinking water often contains mineral salts that settle in pipes and taps over time, forming a sandy crystallization that clogs them up. So in the case of the shower, the leak holes are so small that some internal stagnation is inevitable, resulting in a blockage!

However, simply insert the tip of the toothpick, pass it through one by one and apply light pressure. Once this process is complete, run the water to unclog them completely.

Initially, it will not be transparent as usual, but it will have a color that will turn from brown to grayish, just because of the internal residues that you have slightly crumbled with the process just completed. Run the tap until the water is completely clean.

Repeat this process at least once a month and the shower will always be in perfect condition, for a really pleasant bath!

Simple, isn’t it!