It’s a cleansing secret that you can use and try right away, it could be almost magical with just one touch. Let’s find out what we are talking about.

There are some small cleaning secrets that can be very useful at home without spending a lot of money on products that are often chemically corrosive and definitely not cheap. We are always looking for methods and ingredients that can help, especially in certain environments where moisture and mold are certainly not excluded. For this reason, some experts have decided to make available some little secrets, such as this cleaning method that no one knows.

Baby oil, isn’t it just for baby skin?

When a newborn is at home, there is never a lack of products for his skin and moisture. Among these, we all know the famous baby oil for children and adults, which is applied after bathing to soften and perfume the skin. Over time, this product has been tried in other ways and it has proven to be a great ally for daily cleansing. It is essential to copy the method and use it day after day.

The cleaning secret that nobody knows

There are cleaning secrets revealed by experts that you can write down and try right away. How often do you buy products with chemical ingredients that are not only expensive, but also harmful to health and the surface?

We take the mentioned baby oil and a dry microfiber sponge to finally try the cleaning method. Before understanding how to use it, let’s take a small step back to understand the reason for this choice. This is a product that is used for the skin and is rich in liquid kerosene and fragrance. For this reason, it is ideal to combat certain manifestations in the home. Its natural water repellent action also makes it ideal for combating damp and mold.

How and where to use?

Take a dry microfiber cloth and pour a few drops of oil, then apply it to bathroom and kitchen fixtures that are prone to limescale. Rub in well and let the product soak in without rinsing.

  • The procedure is identical for all steel parts found in the bathroom – or in the kitchen – such as the sink, to eliminate traces of lime and prevent their reformation.
  • The same applies to the marble in the kitchen, with the passage of the cloth to make it clean and disinfected with a single touch.
  • Try it also on the refrigerator door to eliminate the halos and dirty hands full every day.
  • As expected, this is a water repellent product and forms a film on steelwork. As a result, water will not continue to settle, and you will finally have gleaming fixtures and accessories like you just bought.

Another clever trick is: Pour a few drops of oil into the toilet paper roll, it gives off a great scent throughout the bathroom.