A cutting board can probably be found in every kitchen. But what many people don’t know: The hole on the edge of a board is not only there for hanging, but also offers a completely different practical function.

If you like to cook a lot at home, you usually can’t avoid buying a cutting board. After all, when you cut vegetables or meat in the kitchen, you don’t want to scratch your entire work surface. The practical kitchen aids often have an opening at the top edge – many consumers take advantage of this and hang the cutting boards on the wall, for example, to provide more space in the kitchen. What most people probably don’t realize is that the hole in the board offers another practical function that could make everyday kitchen life much easier for some amateur chefs.

Hole in the cutting board: Trick to make cooking easier in the future

A common annoyance when cutting vegetables: Once the ingredients are chopped, it’s often not so easy to get them off the cutting board and into the pot or pan. Often something goes wrong here if you are not particularly careful. This is exactly where the opening on the cutting boards comes into play: If you want to avoid spills, you can simply hold the hole directly over the pot or pan and bring the cut ingredients into the cookware via the opening that way.

The prerequisite, of course, is that this is large enough, because with some cutting boards the hole is really only intended for hanging up the board and is correspondingly small. In this way, nothing will go wrong in the future – everything that falls into the hole will end up directly in the pan, and everything that remains on the board at the first attempt will follow at the second attempt.