No one is safe from a flat tire. In the morning when you start up or worse in traffic when you notice a strange feeling in the steering wheel or when the vehicle is trailing. So, let’s take things in hand with serenity! Here’s a reminder of what to do in an emergency: get yourself to safety and protect your vehicle. Then let’s take a look together at how it’s entirely possible to fix a flat tire yourself.

Efficiently, inexpensively and in very reasonable time, you can repair your tire. You will be serene and most importantly you saved. Here’s how to proceed, but first you need to change your wheel.

How do I change a flat car tire?

There are steps to follow to change a flat tire and get back on the road with peace of mind.

Stopping the vehicle: be sensible not to continue driving. There are two reasons for this: You can make the flat tire worse and make it more difficult to repair later by damaging the flat tire’s sidewall. Result: instead of repairing a simple flat tire, you may need to change one or even two tires .

Stop in a safe place: signal your presence with the fluorescent safety vest and the warning triangle. On the highway, parking in the “emergency lane” is very dangerous, moreover it is forbidden: The right lane is reserved for emergency vehicles. Go to a “refuge”: a place equipped for unexpected stops. They can be found every two miles. In any case, you only have to go one mile, it’s safer for you and your passengers.

Wheel change: It is relatively easy as long as you follow the instructions. After you park in a safe place and set the parking brake, shift into first gear. Take out the spare wheel, the jack and the key. Loosen the nuts with the theft-proof socket and turn them counter clockwise. Place the jack to raise the car, and then remove the wheel. Mount the spare wheel by positioning it on its axle, then reattach the nuts by tightening them with the wrench. Operate the jack so that the wheels are on the ground. Tighten the nuts sufficiently and then reinstall the hubcap.

How do I fix a flat tire?

We will learn how to fix a flat tire and even put a wick on it to avoid buying a new tire. You will need equipment to do this, take inventory before proceeding.

  • A school chalk,
  • A spray bottle with soapy water,
  • A cutter,
  • Tire glue,
  • Rubber wicks. They can be found in all areas of automotive repair.

Three tools:

Pliers, a drill to penetrate the rubber, another tool with a hook to insert the patch – in the same radius as the wicks.

How to proceed

  • Arrange the wheel on a table or on your workbench, put on gloves to protect yourself, especially from the glue.
  • Feel the surface of all the rubber to find the spot where the nail got stuck in your tire;
  • Remove the obstacle with the pliers.
  • You have found nothing. Now you need to spray the soapy water over the entire surface of the tire, do not forget the side parts. Continue quarter by quarter of the surface. Mark with chalk each place where a small soap scum appears. The air will flow through it;
  • Now use the drill screwdriver: it will determine the size of the hole for the future drill;
  • Put the wick on the hook, put a little glue on it;
  • Insert everything into the puncture hole, making sure that only the wick sticks out;
  • Wait for the glue to work – check the drying time on the instructions;
  • When the glue is dry, check again with soapy water to make sure air is no longer getting through;
  • Using the cutter, reduce the portion of the wick that is protruding from the repair;

If necessary, go to the mechanic to check the tire pressure, and test the tire pressure again with the air compressor. Repairing a flat tire yourself no longer holds any secrets for you. With a minimum of material, patience and very little dexterity you will achieve a very good result.