Devoting yourself to cleaning the house is often considered a boring and complex activity that takes a lot of time. This happens especially when you have to deal with stains and incrustations that just do not want to disappear. Here, in this regard, how aluminum foil can make everything easier and faster.

In addition to the daily obligations that bring family and work, it is important to find free time for the household . In fact, daily cleaning complicates the accumulation of dust and dirt. But it is also true that it is not always easy to achieve all the goals set in one day. To save valuable time and achieve excellent results, it is advisable to also consider the so-called “grandmother’s remedies”. In fact, with the use of a few simple tools, they allow us to have a house that is always tidy and clean, without necessarily having to spend hours and hours of our hectic days doing chores.

One of the most difficult areas of the house to clean is undoubtedly the bathroom, since we are all used to using the sanitary facilities repeatedly during the day. However, thanks to this ingenious trick that not everyone knows, we will have a perfectly tidy and spotless bathroom at all times with minimal effort and almost no cost.

Aluminum foil: our ally against dirt

How can a tool that is usually used in the kitchen help us clean the house? Indeed, as you all know, aluminum foil is perfect for covering the containers in which we keep our leftovers. But it can also be used in other ways: for example, to remove the dirt that forms very easily on bathroom fixtures. To get rid of the small rust stains that we often notice on steel faucets, just take a sheet of aluminum foil and roll it up as best you can. Carefully, without damaging the material, we can therefore proceed with the cleaning activity , rubbing the aluminum foil over the area affected by dirt . Observing this procedure, we will slowly notice the effectiveness of this simple method, and the rust stain will be only a distant and annoying memory.

Bye also lime stains

Now that we have found out that aluminum foil can help us get rid of the rust that usually forms on plumbing fixtures, let’s look at how we can get rid of small lime stains. So far, for this problem we have done nothing but test hundreds of specific products, but they often cost a lot. In this case again we have to rely only on the properties of aluminum foil.

The procedure is the same as previously described: Rub – with extreme delicacy and care – our aluminum foil on the lime stain to be removed. Also in this case we can see the effectiveness of home remedies, which can often be a more than valid alternative to conventional methods.