Regardless of the season, some unwanted guests like to come and torment you at home. Are you tired of living with mosquitoes, flies and other harmful insects all the time? Rest assured, there are simple and fool proof ways to quickly chase them out of your field of vision. Don’t like environmentally harmful and overly aggressive insecticides? No problem, we offer a range of natural and healthy repellents, such as cloves, to keep these invaders away in no time.

What are the best natural insect repellents?

Flying insects wouldn’t be such a nuisance if they didn’t spend their time harming you morning and night, sneakily lurking around to annoy you. At the top of the list, mosquitoes are probably the worst. Not only do they infest the smallest part of your skin to make you uncomfortably itchy, but they also make a deafening noise near your ears at night, preventing you from sleeping peacefully. As a carrier of diseases, these unwanted substances disturb you to the maximum extent. Therefore, it is always useful to know some tips to keep these insects away: However, it is not necessary to systematically resort to chemical insecticides. Note that some natural repellents also guarantee similar results without harming the environment. We will show you some of them. It’s up to you to test them and choose the ones that best suit your needs to use them as soon as possible.

  • How to keep away insects with cloves?

Cloves have a special taste and add flavor to many culinary recipes. But some smart people use them in other ways as well: They have found an effective way to repel any insects that try to enter the house. So, if you mix a little salt with clove essential oil, you have the perfect solution to repel them without using chemicals and without killing them at all. All you have to do is spray this mixture on your front door doormat or window frames. As a bonus, salt also helps repel cockroaches and ants. Clove, on the other hand, proves to be a perfect natural insecticide for controlling mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects. And if they ever appear again, you just have to repeat the process.

  • How to repel mosquitoes with citronella?

Citronella, another very popular natural repellent, is even one of the main ingredients of commercial insecticides, especially against mosquitoes. It is also available in various formats: lotion, spray, candle or bracelet. Its secret lies in its odor molecule, which disables the nervous system of evil mosquitoes. In particular, we recommend that you use lemongrass essential oil for spraying in rooms where there are many mosquitoes. Moreover, if you dilute it in a vegetable oil, you can even apply it to your skin to soothe bites or even prevent mosquito infestation.

  • What kind of smell deters insects?

Like lemongrass, other aromatic plants and herbs are also very effective in repelling those pesky little insects. Go for those that give off a strong smell (but still very pleasant!) to drive away those unfavorable people who can’t stand the smell. Your best allies? Lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary or even basil. All you have to do is plant them in pots around the house or garden to scare them away.

  • How to repel mosquitoes with chamomile?

And why not make your own mosquito repellent lotion? So, opt for chamomile, it is a very useful solution to keep them away. Mix about 9 oz of chamomile with a quart of boiling water and spray it directly on your skin after it cools down. You will have a natural barrier against those dirty beasts!

  • Vinegar, a powerful natural repellent

Finally, most insects hate the strong, lingering smell of vinegar. It even scares mosquitoes in particular. Therefore, it is an important ally to keep them from roaming around. Just place a jar of vinegar next to the window and voila, the bugs stay out!

Effective solutions to keep insects away at night

The moths that flutter around the lights and sometimes even land on your plate during dinner, the flies that prevent you from watching your show in peace, the mosquitoes that buzz in your ears before bedtime … in short, these insects are a real disaster .at night! Do not worry, this annoyance will not last.

Here are some tips to make your evenings more peaceful:

Why not wear a citronella bracelet? With this smell, you will keep them away from your living space. A candle would also be perfect for this, especially since it creates a very pleasant atmosphere in the house. You can even combine it with incense sticks with chamomile scent to further enhance the repellent effect.

Do not hesitate to put small pots with aromatic plants such as lavender, mint, rosemary or basil. Install them near the windows or on the balcony. They are not only decorative, but also serve to keep all the insects away.

Go for this amazing duo: lemon and clove. Cut a lemon in half and insert 4 to 5 cloves into the pulp. Install these pieces in your bedroom. The smell will discourage flying insects from being near you. And as icing on the cake, the lemon will help you fall asleep better!