Clothespins over radiators is a semi-unknown practice that is quickly gaining traction: be tried immediately. If it may have seemed a little strange before clothespins were attached to radiators, today it is a practice that is gaining ground. Many people have discovered that this way you can get something unique, essential, and in any case, almost at zero cost. The do-it-yourself remedies recommended by the experts always focus on ready-to-hand ingredients and products for daily use and with specific goals. In this case, all it takes is a simple clip and the game is up.

Clothespins on radiators: why try them now?

A new frontier of do-it-yourself methods with clothespins on radiators that solve a common problem for very little money. All you need is a purely wooden clothespin and an essential oil of your favorite scent. Wooden pegs are not only effective, but also environmentally friendly, weather resistant and naturally preferable to plastic pegs. For this natural remedy, it is useful to take a well-preserved wooden peg and pour drops of essential oil on its surface (on both sides). Immediately after that, clamp it to the burning radiator and wait a few seconds: In no time you can have a very fragrant home without having spent money on it. The heat of the radiator meets the wood of the clothespin to spread the scent of the essential oil in seconds and without waste. Once the smell subsides, the action can be performed again, always with the same clip, without having to change it each time.

Which essential oils to choose? Advantages and tips

Essential oils are available with scents that suit the needs of each person. You buy your favorite in terms of your favorite scent, but also based on the benefits it provides. These oils are made from plants that naturally contain concentrated and powerful natural aromas. The functions are myriad, from protecting the plant to boosting the immune system to clearing the airways. Some essences are chosen because they relax, others because they give energy and have also been used since time immemorial by ancient peoples. The consumer’s choice should be the organic essential oil, which makes the fragrance even richer than this millennial product in terms of quality and purity. As expected, the choice of aroma is completely subjective, but experts give some advice on the benefits.

Today there are 90 completely different types of essential oils on the market, each with special properties that make them safe and ready to achieve a goal:

  • Antivirals and antibacterials are a concentrate of advantages that can counteract various pathologies or moods. Among these we remember the tea tree oil 100% or with white thyme.
  • Consider also the hyssop oil for the skin to be massaged with the help of a carrier oil, ideal for treating the skin in case of injury or inflammation.
  • Lavender and bergamot for relaxation after a hectic day at work.
  • Orange and lemon as natural energizers.