To have a fresh and very fragrant toilet, there is a natural remedy that you can use immediately. Did not you know it? Hurry up and try it to get a perfect final result.

The key to proper bathroom cleaning is areas like the bathtub or shower, the sink and toilet, and the walls and floors (the tiles). However, there are areas in the environment that absolutely must be thoroughly cleaned, such as the shower wall or curtain, the mirror or vent grille, and any appliances that may be in the bathroom.

Bathroom cleaning

The intimate relationship that develops between us and our bathroom is very personal. Everyone has their own level of hygiene and tolerance that they simply cannot go beyond. It’s one of those places where we literally feel vulnerable when we’re not at home, naked and practically with our pants down. And not every bathroom can live up to that state of mind.

If so much importance is attached to cleaning the bathroom, it is because in the bathroom are concentrated most germs and dirt, which can harm the health of the family. For this reason, cleaning the bathroom is a somewhat complicated household task, as it must be done carefully and continuously to avoid the development of fungi and moisture. At the same time, it requires certain products for its cleaning. There is no single method of cleaning bathrooms that need to be cleaned constantly. You can start with the bathtub or shower tray, depending on what you have at home.

Fresh and very fragrant toilet: all you need is a natural ingredient

Despite our care, our fresh and fragrant toilet may not be fresh at all. The reasons can be different, from toilet residues that accumulate in the siphon to improper cleaning of the toilet.

  • Toilet cleaning

On the other hand, the bathroom siphon is specially designed and built to prevent the emergence of annoying odors that may arise in our bathroom. Its peculiarity lies in its curved shape, which gives a real “damper” that can prevent the escape of bad odors from the exhaust. However, this may not be enough to prevent the formation of the bad smell. For this to happen and for both plugs to rise, there must be water in the siphon. Therefore, the water level is crucial, and if there is not enough water in the siphon, it may not perform its function properly.

The water stopper effect prevents odor from returning from the toilet. So, after cleaning the bathroom and checking that the bad smell is not coming from other pipes, the right water level in the siphon is the “strongest natural remedy there is”. But the remedy is also a natural trick: to clean foul-smelling pipes, combine bicarbonate and vinegar, which can also disinfect.

  • Vinegar and bicarbonate in the toilet

The procedure is simple: pour a good dose of bicarbonate of soda in the drain that gives off a bad smell and add the vinegar mixed with water. Once bicarbonate comes into contact with vinegar, it develops a completely harmless and natural chemical reaction, white foam that cleans our pipes.