Birthday celebrations, Valentine’s Day or even Christmas. It’s always an opportunity to please others, show your attachment and offer gifts! But did you know that gift wrapping is just as important? Discover the art of wrapping a gift with Japanese technique, it will be easier to add a touch of originality to your gift.

While some get lost in the choice of packaging colors, others are already looking for tutorials to succeed with folding and give a personal touch to their gifts. Have you heard of Japanese gift wrapping? Is it an original technique to achieve this in two or three moves? We will explain it to you.

How do I easily wrap a gift using the Japanese Furoshiki method?

If you are looking for an ecological alternative to traditional paper packaging, this Japanese trick is both simple and practical to perform. It takes its name from the Furoshiki fabric used as packaging for transporting items of all kinds. This combines folding and knotting techniques while providing a stylish and ecological alternative to using paper.

  • Furoshiki, the two-in-one gift!

Originally from Japan, this packaging technique does not require paper, tape or ribbon. To make your gift wrap using the Furoshiki method, special attention must be paid to fabric selection. However, the latter must be adapted to the size of your gift: square and larger than the size of the item. Also, the fabric must be flexible, so that the knots can be easily tied. It can be a shawl or a beautiful scarf. The fabric used is not only practical for wrapping your gifts, but can also be used as a second gift. Practical and economical.

  • Japanese style gift wrapping in three steps

To create your Japanese style wrapping, place your object diagonally on the selected fabric and then tie the first two ends by tying a knot.  Do the same with the other two ends before tying the fabric to your liking.  In this way, the fabric can be adjusted to the dimensions of the object and thanks to the shape of the chosen knot, you will give your gift a neat and aesthetic look. The advantage of this trick is that you can repeat it several times until you get the desired result and add small decorative accessories.

Other original and ecological techniques for wrapping a gift.

Like the Japanese method that offers a waste-free packaging solution, these other tips are just as practical and will give an original touch to your birthday or end-of-year gifts while saving money.

  • Use newspaper to wrap your gifts

Newsprint can indeed be a solution to wrap your gifts in style. Depending on the theme of your choice, identify a piece that offers a mixture of bright colors, white and black writing colors.  Double the paper and fold the edges carefully to avoid unexpected tears. Finally, use a piece of string, ribbon to tie the package. Fir branches or other accessories can be adopted to complete the final rendering. It is also possible to use more resistant kraft paper, pages cut from a magazine or old posters.

  • Keep a gift box and reuse it!

The other practical method is to recycle old wrapping paper. If you keep a stack of wrapping paper in a drawer of your closet, take it out and check its condition before choosing the wrapping for your gift. If the front of the paper is damaged, turn it over to hide the printed portion. The undamaged white side of the paper can be used to wrap your gift.

  • Wrap your gift in a piece of cardboard

To wrap gifts in an original way, it is also possible to use cardboard paper. This technique is perfect for clothing items like t-shirts, tops or shirts.  Place the item in a piece of cardboard cut-out with a cutter knife. Using a hole punch, make a hole at the end that will remain visible on the package. Then insert a thin rope to wrap around the package, and then tie your knot. All you need to do is add a ribbon or a sprig of natural holly to complete the process.