You like to prepare good savory or sweet dishes in the oven and enjoy it. The problem is that they overflow in the oven and especially on the grill. The culprits are grease splatters, food stains and stuck-on burnt-on food. We’ll tell you how to clean your oven’s grill, as well as all of its elements, with natural ingredients and no fuss. For you the oven that shines, for you the shine of the kitchen.

Why is an oven cleaning essential?

Far from using mania in housework, you should know that traces of dishes in sauce and grease are not waiting to dirty your oven and impregnate it with bad odors. A dirty oven does not work efficiently and smokes quickly, because residues form on the grates and on the walls. So, it is necessary to thoroughly clean a dirty stove and remove burnt grease after all, isn’t it? The good reflex is to use good tips to thoroughly clean the oven. But first of all regular cleaning.

How to clean the oven grate properly? Effective and natural tips

Delicious recipes always make our mouths water. But with the excesses of the dishes, this pleasure quickly gives way to disappointment. Cleaning the oven, you say? First, it goes through the grids. Some will say: lemon, baking soda, white vinegar or clay. We say washing powder.

How do I clean heavily soiled grates with washing powder?

The washing powder clean heavily soiled grids, it is very effective.

  • Pour four quarts of hot water into a basin;
  • Add two tablespoons of washing powder;
  • We mix everything;
  • The grids are dipped into the solution;
  • Let it work overnight…
  • The next morning, just rub it off with a damp sponge.

But it’s not the only product that can remove dirt residue. What if we offered you another equally effective ingredient?

How to easily degrease oven racks with soda crystals?

  • Soda crystals are equally good for simply cleaning oven racks, which are often difficult to scrub.
  • Place the grates in a bathtub filled with hot water.
  • Sprinkle the grates with a cup of baking soda (you can use baking powder instead);
  • Let it soak for a few hours before you rub it and remove the dirt.
  • Rinse it off and then dry it with a microfiber towel.
  • Again, the result is amazing: your stove racks will stay bright for a long time.
  • Now it’s time to tackle the other elements of the oven. Let’s get started!

How to clean the interior of a heavily soiled furnace with natural products? Natural, but also economical products.

Grandma’s good old cleaning tricks are the best: Simplicity, efficiency and voil√†!

Dirty griddle, oven glass soiled by splashes of grease, encrusted walls … What to do? Again, the trick of the grandmother is to use natural products with antibacterial and cleaning properties. In this way, you clean your oven thoroughly with paint strippers worthy of conventional products, but be careful, ecological and above all economical!

How do you remove the inside of the oven and the glass door with baking soda and white vinegar? A shocking duo

This is the typical recipe of grandmother. Hold on tight, it will glow!

  • Pour half a cup of baking soda into a bowl;
  • Add drops of water to make a paste;
  • This paste is applied to the plate, walls and glass of the oven;
  • We leave it to act all night;
  • The next morning, we rub, we rinse, we wipe ….

Baking powder is one of the most popular cleaning tips and tricks. An environmentally friendly solution for completely safe cleaning of all household appliances. Bonus: Spray white vinegar on all items before scrubbing. A chemical reaction will occur that will loosen all the dirt. The inside of the oven will be nickel!

How can you clean the inside of the oven with a natural degreaser? Why not black soap?

Indispensable in many homes: black soap. We make sure to use it immediately after cooking the dishes. The oven must still be lukewarm to better remove dirt.

  • We dilute half a cup of liquid black soap in water;
  • A sponge is soaked with the solution;
  • Rub the plate, the walls, the glass of the door. We do not hesitate to use a slightly abrasive sponge;
  • We rinse and then wipe.
  • This trick works just as well with bar soap or dishwashing liquid, if you do not have black soap on hand.

How to clean a stove naturally and effortlessly with clay stone? Its degreasing power will never cease to amaze us

Stains keep you at bay despite extensive cleaning of the oven. We move on to plan B … the clay stone. Looking at the state of your oven, very greasy with residue of burnt and stuck food … you are worried. Disgusting, isn’t it? But do not regret your delicious food!

  • Dip a damp sponge into the clay pot;
  • Scrub the grill, griddle and oven walls.
  • Rinse with clean water and dry with a microfiber towel.
  • Added benefit: This trick works on all elements of the oven. An all-in-one that feels good.

That’s all, cleaning the oven is no longer a mystery for you! This task becomes easier and more pleasant to remove the most stubborn traces of dirt that seem to leave marks on the surfaces. From now on, there will be no more dirty stoves that pollute your kitchen!