Food moths are a real nuisance and it’s difficult to get rid of them without the use of chemicals. Fortunately, there are natural, economical solutions for everyone. Learn how to get rid of food moths with simple and natural tips.

How to find the nest of food moths?

To find out, the most important thing is to look for the darkest places in your home. It is these spaces that attract moths to lay and develop their eggs conveniently and safely. Mites prefer cereal-based products (flour, cereals, pasta, baking mixes, cookies), seeds, nuts, hazelnuts, dried fruits, and also sweets. However, larvae hide in the rims of cans, spice jars or even in unopened packages and sealed canisters. Also remember to check their food!

Is it okay to eat moth-infested rice?

No study proves their harmfulness to health. However, this does not mean that we can eat moth infested food. There are ways to prevent rice moth infestation of your food and pantry. However, you should make sure to transfer all dried foods into airtight containers before storing them in your pantry.

What to do about moths. Tips to get rid of this problem naturally

Food moths (or food butterflies) are quickly becoming a nuisance in the kitchen, in part because getting rid of them is not easy. Whether it is the use of an insecticide or a major cleaning, in most cases a lot of time and patience is required. However, keep in mind that there are also several more traditional and less harmful techniques for health and the environment that can be used successfully against these parasites.

  • Empty your entire pantry

Get all the produce out of your pantry or cupboard. If possible, remove shelves, including support pins, drawers, all food containers and packaging, shelf liners, etc. Try to empty the entire space!

  • Disinfect kitchen cabinets

First, clean all kitchen cabinets thoroughly. Throw away any products that have moths on them. Also, wash shelves and cabinets with vinegar water and your favorite essential oil (this is optional). It’s also a good idea to disinfect cabinets quickly. Mix hot water and white vinegar in a spray bottle (1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water). Then close the container and wait for the solution to cool. It is also important to store food properly. Store all bulk foods (flour, oatmeal, nuts) in glass containers. Do not leave them in paper or plastic bags.

  • Place perfumed repellents

Food moths do not like certain strong odors. Therefore, it pays to use it wisely. Place in cupboards:

  • The dried peels of oranges, citrus fruits, tangerines.
  • An orange with cloves in it.
  • Chili or bay leaves.
  • Absorbent cotton soaked with vanilla flavoring.

There is a very effective clove-based solution. Pour two tablespoons of cloves in boiling water. Put a cup of this mixture in the kitchen cupboard. Then wait until the water cools completely and remove the cup. The smell of cloves drives away pests!

  • Use extreme temperatures to get rid of moths

Moths and their eggs are easily destroyed using the freezer. Place infested products in a plastic bag and remove as much air as possible before sealing the bag. After 4 days, the cold from the freezer will kill all eggs, larvae and pupae.

Keep moths away with essential oils: an effective remedy for all problems

Essential oils, commonly known for their beneficial properties in various fields, are excellent allies in combating the invasion of food moths. Therefore, we invite you to mix a few drops with fresh water and put the liquid in a spray bottle. In most stores you can find aromas that will satisfy any olfactory taste: from eucalyptus to peppermint and lemongrass.

How to fight food moths with garlic?

Garlic (which can also be easily grown on the balcony) also repels food moths. Therefore, it is enough to put a few cloves of garlic in your cupboards or kitchen cabinets to permanently and naturally get rid of these little butterflies that appear every time you reach into your food supplies. Whatever method we choose, prevention is the most effective solution. Don’t forget that prevention also includes putting a mosquito net on your window to prevent insects from your neighbors from getting in. Food moths can also enter through vents. These places can be protected with a fine net, of course, taking into account the air circulation.

How to get rid of flying moths with lemongrass?

Cut fresh lemongrass leaves, put them in mesh bags and arrange them in closets and drawers. Not only will they leave a pleasant smell in your cabinets, but they will also keep moths and other insects away. Remember to replace the bags every month.