Want to have a shiny and glossy floor in minutes? This beloved ingredient will come to your rescue. Here is the secret you have been waiting for all your life. Do you also start your struggle every day with mop and detergent to have a shiny and glossy floor? Here you will find the answer you have always been looking for. This ingredient will solve all your problems: no more stains and streaks.

Floor cleaning, the nightmare of women

To have shiny and glossy floors, is the dream of every woman, especially in a new or recently renovated house. The choice of flooring is the most important part in the decision to renovate an environment or buy a new home. Although most experts can give you advice on quality (such as porosity or gloss of the material), shapes and colors , we often face a nightmare that is unfortunately widespread: stains, halos and fingerprints that remain even on the floors when they have just been washed. How to solve all these problems? Keeping floors shiny and spotless is really complicated and many aspects need to be evaluated, including durability and maintenance over time. Also, depending on the material, you then need to choose the right cleaning products so as not to damage the tiles. However, there is a universal ingredient that promises to solve any problem. It only takes a few minutes to have shiny and glossy tiles: your floor will look like a mirror. Are you ready to discover the secret you’ve been waiting for all your life?

The secret ingredient for shiny and glossy tiles

How often are you ready to fight your daily battle against stains, halos and fingerprints on freshly cleaned tiles? You may also have the most expensive laundry detergent in the world, but as soon as you put the broom down, you’re bound to look sad and dreary at your freshly stained floor. How can you solve this problem?

Finally revealed the secret that all women have been waiting for. You only need one ingredient to have shiny and glossy tiles: In a few minutes you even reflect how clean your floor will be. To say goodbye to streaks and fingerprints on the tiles, you only need one magic ingredient: baking soda. You will surely have it at hand, it is a must in the pantries of all households.

Why is this white powder able to give shine and brilliance to your tiles? Thanks to its properties, bicarbonate, which dissolves easily in water, helps remove grease and dirt from all surfaces. It is therefore perfect to clean the house from top to bottom, not only the tiles. It is also great for removing stains from encrusted cups and pots and even sanitary ware and is also used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. In short, it is truly a versatile ingredient. This crystalline compound with alkaline character occurs naturally, but can also be produced synthetically. Its slightly abrasive power makes it perfect for cleaning. It is very versatile and becomes an extraordinary ally for cleaning your floors.

How do you have to proceed? We’ll tell you right away. You need to get a bucket of water – the one you use to wet your mop – and pour in at least two large jars of baking soda. Leave this ingredient to act with the water and only after a few minutes start wetting your broom (if you have one with hard bristles, this is preferable so that any incrustations or stains can disappear quickly) and start cleaning your tiles in this way.

Its degreasing and abrasive action will remove any dirt or even dust: in a few minutes your floor will be as bright as a mirror. Do you know this secret? It is used by cleaning professionals who work in luxury hotels. Thanks to the bicarbonate, even better when dissolved in a bucket of warm water, you will have a super clean and shiny floor, almost as if you had used a polishing machine. As mentioned above, baking soda is perfect not only for tiles, but also for cleaning, for example, the oven . In this case, simply spray the inside of your appliance with baking soda – including trays and grates – by spraying it with a little water. Leave it overnight and in the morning, when you rub your appliance, you will see that you will remove everything very easily: The dirt will come off in a really easy way.

Other techniques and secrets

As for the floor, besides bicarbonate, you can also use another readily available ingredient that you will surely have for all cases, a bar soap. Again, just pour two measuring cups on the floor and start washing your tiles with a little water: you will see that your floor will look like new. Again, in terms of bicarbonate, you can also combine vinegar with it: The combination of these two ingredients is perfect not only to remove stains, streaks, dust and incrustations even from grout, but also to disinfect the floor. Have you seen that with just one ingredient you can solve a problem that seemed unsolvable? Try this technique yourself and we are sure that you will thank us for the extraordinary and very useful tip.