Say goodbye to bed bugs with this foolproof trick. Spray this product on at home and you’ll never see them again! Let’s see what it’s all about together.

Bed bugs in the house

Bed bugs are not at all welcome insects. Their presence in the house is not wanted and is completely understandable. There are very few people who do not feel disgust or horror at the sight of some insects, but bed bugs manage to disgust almost everyone. The basic problem is that they begin to infest the house, especially in winter. These insects are attracted to the heat of our homes and the carbon dioxide we produce when we breathe. For this reason, an extremely unpleasant and disgusting event occurs: the invasion of bed bugs in our mattresses. They are called “bed bugs” and prefer to infest bedrooms and mattresses.

Bed bugs feed on our blood while we sleep and leave a swollen, itchy bite on our skin. While this is not a dangerous bite, it can cause discomfort and be a problem for those with allergies. However, there are many types of bed bugs, but the ones that infest our homes the most are green bed bugs, brown bed bugs, and red bed bugs (the ones on mattresses). Green and even brown bugs mainly focus on invading our plants and causing their death. Let’s see together what we can do to permanently remove these pesky insects.

Goodbye bed bugs: With this method, they’ll never come back

Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy, they are numerous and can enter the house very easily. Attracted by light, heat and carbon dioxide, they make winter in our house hell. Fortunately, there is a simple and infallible method to expel them and get rid of this annoying presence permanently. A presence that can become unbearable for those who suffer from a real phobia, the spider phobia. It is not a simple fear, it triggers a strong feeling of panic, the heartbeat accelerates, and breathing becomes difficult.

With this trick we will definitely solve this inconvenience. Bed bugs are very resistant insects, however, there is a particular product that they do not tolerate. A product that is repulsive and unbearable for them and sends them away in a few seconds. The advantage is that for us it is a product with a very pleasant scent, which is also very easy to prepare at home: It is completely natural and it is enough to follow a few steps. In fact, we only need a few mint leaves or a mint essential oil. Let’s see together how to prepare this mixture to remove bed bugs without killing them.

Mint against bed bugs: an infallible remedy

If for us the scent of mint is pleasant and refreshing, for bed bugs it is a real hell. The smell of mint immediately scares them away. Therefore, it is a good idea to prepare a specific mixture to always have it on hand for spraying when needed. What is needed is a spray bottle as a container for our magic mixture. The container is filled with water and a few drops of mint essential oil. We can spray this mixture on curtains, sofas, near windows, on balconies or wherever we prefer. We also ensure that it smells good throughout the house, and save air freshener – a double advantage.

If you prefer to use mint leaves, you need to steep them in hot water for a few hours. Once everything has cooled down, you can filter the mint water and pour it into the spray bottle using a funnel. Here is the best method ever, try it!