Do you often find moss in the garden and do not know how to remove it? Simple, you need to use 2 drops of an ingredient and you will eliminate it completely. Let’s see what product it is!

When moss forms on the walls or in the garden, it is not nice to see it because it makes everything dirty and unsightly. Especially when moss tends to spread, it hinders the growth of plants and grasses themselves, so action must be taken.

Most often it is an increase in humidity that favors its formation, or the over-acidification of the soil, or still insufficient sunlight. But what to do to get rid of moss in the garden? How to intervene? Here are some methods to remove moss from the garden!

How to get rid of moss in your garden

Removing moss from the garden is easy, just use an effective natural ingredient like white wine vinegar. Here’s what you need to make a moss removal solution:

  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar
  • 2 quarts of water

Mix the two ingredients and pour the solution into a spray bottle, then spray some on the moss-covered areas. Do this several times until the moss dries up, then remove it with a rake. The action of vinegar is also effective in preventing the formation of mold and fungi on plants, as it is an excellent antifungal agent.

Sprinkling a little on the plants will ensure the creation of an acidic environment that can prevent fungi from multiplying. Alternatively, you can use ferrous sulfate, a product that you need to spray directly on the affected area and leave for a few days. The result will be the disappearance of moss and the presence of empty patches where you can replant the grass.

How to remove moss from walls

In addition to the surface of the garden, moss can also form on the walls, making them dirty and unsightly. How to get rid of it and leave the stone or concrete walls in sight? Here is what you need to prepare an effective remedy:

  • Two tablespoons of coarse salt
  • White wine vinegar

Put the coarse salt in a bowl and slowly add the vinegar. When you have obtained an even mass, apply it to the areas covered with moss and leave it for at least 24 hours. After the time, take a brush and remove everything, you will see that the moss disappears from the wall. The paste is really effective and leaves the wall free of moss traces. Instead of a brush, you can also use a broom to remove residue.

Prevention of moss

Besides knowing how to proceed to get rid of moss in the garden, it is also useful to know some methods to prevent its formation. In fact, it is important to prevent its formation in order not to struggle with this annoying weed. How to do? Here are some tips that you should follow:

Encourage sunlight – the formation of moss is favored by lack of sunlight. Therefore, to avoid this, make sure that the garden is exposed to sunlight and avoid covering it with gazebos and umbrellas.