Rosemary is one of the most beloved and most widely used spices in the kitchen. Not everyone knows, however, that there is another method that can be exploited for personal care: we are talking about rosemary in the hair.

This 100% natural remedy is considered a bit of a “Grandma’s” trick and can be even more useful than many products on the market

Rosemary: a special plant for our hair

Rosemary is able to repair damaged hair. With a specific treatment, it can be helpful in making hair shine and return to its former shine. Think, for example, of hair following very invasive treatments such as color or perming.

Rosemary in hair is capable of reviving the hair and can even be used to treat scalp conditions. This aromatic plant stimulates hair regrowth and even counteracts hair loss. Thinning hair can also be combated in this way: we are talking about an antiseptic, healing spice in general.

How to use rosemary

How to make the best use of rosemary? Our advice is to make a special oil for it. This way we could use it directly on the scalp, with a gentle massage using our fingertips. It can be used like a traditional shampoo.

If we do not feel like preparing it ourselves, we can also buy it ready-made: it can be found in pharmacies. However, if you want to prepare rosemary oil in a homemade way, then here is the procedure.

Let’s take a nice sprig of rosemary, rich in leaves. Let’s place it in a container where we will pour some olive oil. Only a little oil is needed, as it is only necessary to cover the sprigs and leaves of the plant. Let it sit in a cool, dry place out of the sun for about a month and that’s it!

We can also opt for an infusion or rosemary water. In the first case we will soak some rosemary as soon as the water comes to a boil. Once it has cooled down, we will have to strain the water and then put it in a spray bottle to spray it.

In the second case, the procedure is practically the same. We also suggest using rosemary water to loosen hair knots: the result will be amazing, you will not even need to use conditioner! They will not break and will not be ripped out. Of course, the whole thing will also leave a unique scent on the skin.