You can’t eat this banana yet, it’s not ripe yet. It will give you a stomach ache.” We often say that when someone wants to eat a green banana. But is that really true? Or can it even make sense to eat green bananas?

The first difference that you notice in both types of banana is of course the color of the peel. While young bananas still have a juicy green color, the slightly riper bananas are rich yellow. Over time, more and more dark spots appear; if the banana is overripe, it is sometimes completely brown.

But when is the right time to eat bananas?

The difference in coloring also comes with a different consistency and taste of the banana. While the green bananas are still a little firmer and taste slightly bitter, the riper bananas become softer and sweeter.

This is due to the nutritional composition of the fruit. And it has a completely different effect on the body after consumption.

Can you eat a green banana?

The riper the banana becomes, the more sugar it contains. The green ones, on the other hand, are a little more starchy and have less sugar. This can be a good option for diabetics, they should go for green banana instead.

A green banana can also be really good for your intestines every now and then. The fiber it contains and the high proportion of resistant starch get your intestines going properly. Your blood sugar level and your feeling of satiety also remain more constant with the green banana.

But doesn’t a green banana give you a stomach ache?

In short: it can be, but it doesn’t have to be! Due to its firm consistency and the starch it contains, the green fruit is more difficult to digest. For people with a sensitive stomach, this can cause stomach pain or a feeling of fullness. However, if your stomach is very relaxed and you are used to eating green bananas, the unripe variety can be a healthy option. In general, you should only enjoy bananas in moderation and not eat too many at once. However, the taste of the green banana also takes some getting used to. If you like sweet bananas, you will be disappointed here. The fruit is also not as suitable for smoothies and baking as its ripe relative. The solid consistency makes further processing difficult. Good to know: You may be able to eat a green banana without getting a stomach ache. If you feel like it, or if it is even recommended for your health, you should just give it a try. Fortunately, the unripe fruits are not dangerous despite their bright green color. How do you like to eat bananas? In a delicious smoothie or just like that?