We grill the juiciest burger with high-quality meat: the patty should be well seasoned, not too thick, but not too thin either. With these 7 preparation tips, the burger from the grill becomes especially juicy.

It’s summer. We are hungry. So, we fire up the grill. The horn salad and the country fries are already ready. Now only the main element of the grill menu is missing. Slowly but surely, we have eaten our way through all the sausage and veggie recipes, so it’s time for some new ideas. It’s time for the grilled burger. But now the only question is: how does the burger work best? With these hacks, you can really make it sizzle.

  1. The meat

We recommend paying special attention to the quality of the beef and to a meat-fat ratio of 80:20. To grill only the minced meat would probably be a bit bland, so it is recommended to season sufficiently e.g. with salt, pepper, chilli sauce, Worcester sauce and grated onions. However, salting should be done just before cooking on the grill, as the seasoning draws water out of the meat and the meat could become dry if seasoned too early.

  1. The shape

The formed meat of the burger should ideally be about 1 inch thick. This is the best way to achieve the “medium” cooking level. Logically, the thinner, the drier. If it is too thick, it will be black on the outside and still not fully cooked on the inside.

  1. kneading

Basically, it doesn’t matter whether the meat is kneaded by hand or through a burger press. It is simply important that the beef is not kneaded too hard, otherwise there is a risk that it will become too hard and dry.

  1. Trick

Now it’s finally time to grill. For this, we apply the secret trick for extra juicy burger meat. A small hole should be pressed into the meat on the surface, throw the burger patty on the grill and then place an ice cube in the cavity. Yep, read that right. The ice logically melts during grilling, at which point the patty soaks up the water. Enjoy the juicy burger meat.

  1. The grilling

Now it’s showtime! The burger has been perfectly prepared, now it should spend no more than three to four minutes on the grill. During this time, we recommend flipping the burger only once. The only question is: when? It’s best to pay attention to the top of the formed meat: if meat juice is slowly but surely oozing out there, it’s time to flip.

  1. The rolls

Besides the meat, of course, the top and bottom of the burger play a very important role. If you have enough time, it’s definitely worth doing it yourself. Otherwise, there’s a quick visit to the bakery next door. High-quality buns from the supermarket can’t be bad either, but there’s a risk that they’ll get too crumbly and dry when you toast them on the grill.

  1. The topping

Here the rule is: do what you like! There are actually no tips, tricks and lifehacks for your own taste, so pretty much anything from cheddar to lettuce, tomatoes and various sauces can end up on or in the burger, depending on your mood.