Fancy a delicious, fresh and light recipe for dinner? There is nothing like a good dish of spaghetti with lemon. This classic straight from Southern Italy is worthy of a real cooking recipe, especially if you put in the right ingredients and the right amounts. Quickly discover how to make this little Italian sweet! The love we all have for pasta is not so trivial. Tasted with Parmesan cheese, olive oil or stuffed, they guarantee a real taste delight. And we cannot blame them for their difficulty, since it is the simplest dish, but which offers endless possibilities in terms of texture, taste, shapes and colors. Yes, the pasta can be eaten as you like, even with a few more lemon zest.

“Pasta al Limone”, the Italian recipe for lemon pasta

Looking for a delicious and quick recipe? Dare the lemon and parmesan duo to prepare good pasta. Unlike carbo pasta or Bolognese, this little-known recipe will please any palate. But don’t worry: the tart flavor of the lemon can be reduced with the other ingredients. This will give you tangy and fragrant flavors that will brighten up your days!

How to cook pasta with lemon and parmesan?

Are you ready to prepare the recipe for lemon pasta? To bring freshness to your lunch or dinner table, you only need a few simple and accessible ingredients:

  • 14 oz of spaghetti or long pasta of your choice.
  • 3 lemons
  • 8 Fl oz soy cream
  • 8 tablespoons of olive oil or 70 g of non-hydrogenated organic margarine.
  • A few parsley leaves (optional)
  • Salt
  • Pepper

To prepare the recipe, follow these steps:

  • In a large pot, bring the water to a boil. Then add the salt.
  • Immerse the spaghetti, following the cooking time indicated on the package.
  • Stir while doing this so they don’t stick.
  • And to avoid overcooking your pasta, opt for al dente cooking. Wait 11 minutes and drain them with a large colander.
  • In the meantime, prepare your sauce (following the method described below).
  • Then pour the spaghetti into the pan containing your lemon sauce.
  • Mix everything together, then sprinkle the pasta with the zest of the third lemon.
  • Serve with parsley leaves and grated parmesan. A real delight!

How to make a lemon cream sauce with spaghetti or lemon linguine?

While the pasta is cooking, prepare your sauce as follows:

  • Put the lemon zest (preferably fine and long) in a pan.
  • Squeeze two lemons and add the juice obtained to the pan.
  • Then add the margarine or olive oil to melt with the other ingredients over medium heat.
  • Once it becomes frothy, add the soy cream and let the sauce simmer over low heat.
  • All you need to do is add salt and pepper to taste. Your guests will be delighted!

Don’t forget to save the pasta cooking water!

The spaghetti or linguine is finally ready!  Avoid throwing away the cooking water. This can be saved for later use. This water is rich in starch and gives the sauce a creamier texture without adding fat. So, when you drain your spaghetti, don’t forget to pour the cooking water into a cup to reuse later. And that’s not all: pasta cooking water is not only used to prepare sauces but is also excellent for fixing aromas and flavors. It is also used as a household cleaner. Salt and boiling pasta water is an ideal combination to thoroughly clean and remove stains! It’s also an excellent weed killer for your garden.

Here we go! Now you know how to make lemon spaghetti. Thanks to this recipe, you will undoubtedly find the simple pleasure of cooking. Tastes good!