Solve this recurring problem by putting absorbent cotton in your vacuum cleaner: You’ll never go back! Read on to learn more.

Cotton in the vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most used household appliances every day. When we dedicate ourselves to cleaning, it is always by our side. As a result, we are able to effectively remove every speck of dust and even all the crumbs that fall on the floor. A faithful and indispensable ally. Due to this excessive but necessary use, piles of dirt accumulate inside, and we have to take care of a good cleaning and eventual replacement of the bag.

A much more common problem than you might think is that at a certain point our vacuum cleaner begins to emit unpleasant odors. The passage of time and usage determine the appearance of these bad odors. It is not enough to worry about replacing filters or bags, it is really difficult to get rid of them. Today we explain how you can most effectively counteract this annoying problem. All you need to do is equip yourself with some cotton pads. Let’s explore this practice together.

The importance of vacuum cleaner maintenance

Keeping your vacuum cleaner, clean at all times is certainly not a pleasant or fun exercise, but it is necessary for its proper functioning and performance. For example, an overfilled filter will affect the suction power. If the suction power is not sufficient, there is a risk that the floors will remain dirty and full of dust. Thus, changing the bags or emptying the “tank” can save the situation and speed up the housework. Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to carry out individual maintenance. There are two different categories: vacuum cleaners with bags and vacuum cleaners without bags.

For vacuum cleaners without a bag included, it is not enough to empty the full tank, you should also proceed with washing this part. It can be washed with soap and water but must be completely dry before reinsertion. Special attention should also be paid to filters. Filters must be washed with hot water, dried thoroughly and then reinserted. This step also allows you to avoid the emission of microparticles into the air at home, providing a healthier environment.

Maintenance of vacuum cleaners with bag is not much different: it is recommended to remove the full bag and clean the inside with a dry microfiber cloth (in this area, even if it does not look like it, accumulates a lot of dirt). You can also wash it in the sink with soap and warm water and replace it after it dries. It is also important to clean all accessories, such as brushes. Hair, fur, threads and anything else will get caught in the brushes. After each pass, you should remove them and wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in alcohol to disinfect it. Despite all these measures, the odor problem may persist. To get rid of it, follow this small and simple trick, you will never come back.

Put some absorbent cotton in the vacuum cleaner: put an end to bad smells

It may well happen that an unpleasant smell comes out of the vacuum cleaner and fills the whole house. We wonder how this is possible when we take great care of our device. Sometimes it is not enough to carefully wash each piece, and you need to resort to special solutions. The most famous, popular and widely used method is the use of cotton pads. In fact, a very useful way to use them is to sprinkle them with an essential oil of your choice and put them in the tank.

What happens is surprising: with each application, you not only clean your house, but also give off a delicious scent to the environment. The advantage is that you can choose your favorite scent that will stay in the air for many hours. This is also a smart way to save money when buying air fresheners. The most famous alternative is powder detergent for the washing machine: in this case, the positive effect is also guaranteed. Try it to believe it!