Keeping the bathroom looking its best at all times is one of the most complicated things to do around the house. It is, in fact, an area that is used very often and in a nothing tends to accumulate bad odors given by drains, moisture and dirt. You must, therefore, cope with the stench problem quickly and effectively so that you do not always have a bad impact when you open the bathroom door. I have the solution for you and it is to use a simple handful of rice, let’s see how!

Benefits of rice

Before we begin, let’s first find out what the benefits of rice are. Of course we are talking about a food associated purely with cooking, but rice is also used in other areas, such as natural cosmetics, to make beauty masks for the skin. Moreover, it is another natural moisture absorber that is used in the home during the winter along with coarse salt and baking soda. Not surprisingly, it is the first ingredient used when electronic devices such as phones or tablets come into contact with water. Simply placing them in a container full of rice will absorb all the water and moisture. However, it captures not only moisture but also bad odors, so it turns out to be ideal in case of stench in some places in the environment.

Goodbye bad odors

Well, having briefly seen all the benefits of this valuable ingredient, let’s see together how to say goodbye to bad odors in the bathroom! All you will need to do is get a large enough jar and fill it with rice. The quality is indifferent, prefer regular rice for risotto. Add, if you prefer, a few drops of essential oil so that the rice grains soak up the smell and then spread it throughout the bath. Leave the jar in an airy spot in the bathroom for a few days and you will see that the smell will go away immediately!

Other methods of removing the stench

In addition to the rice method, which turns out to be a very beneficial method, there are also other methods to remove the stench, I will tell you the most interesting ones right away!

  • Vinegar: this is a compound that removes even the most stubborn smell in no time. You will need to fill a bowl and put it in the bathroom.
  • Baking soda: also mentioned earlier and valuable in the bathroom for several reasons, it also helps to send away bad odors. You will need to put a container of it in the bathroom for a few days.
  • Cornstarch: similar to baking soda, this ingredient also absorbs moisture and odors. Just a bowl full of it in the bathroom and there you go.
  • Lemon juice: useful both for sending away bad odors and for scenting the bathroom. Fill a small jar with lemon juice, cut off the rinds, then insert them inside and leave in the bathroom.
  • Lavender essential oil: great for creating an intoxicating scent, you will need to fill a vaporizer with water, 1 tablespoon baking soda and 7 drops of essential oil. Spray in the bath several times a day and you will smell wonderful!