Here is the infallible recipe for making a syrup for orchids: With this substance they grow healthy and lush. Try it now, it is easy to prepare.

There is a recipe for making a syrup that makes orchids lusher than ever. It is a set of ingredients that are a true panacea for orchids: You will notice the positive effect immediately. As we know, gardening is not an easy activity. Only those who have a green thumb, and therefore a real passion for this type of activity, can achieve truly excellent results. It is a practice that requires a lot of dedication, patience and, above all, awareness. Knowledge in this area is essential to achieve acceptable results.

By knowledge we mean knowing how to apply all the procedures and precautions that each plant or flower requires. In fact, every single type of flower or plant requires unique and individual care. There is no rule that applies indiscriminately to all plants, but many different care, precautions and precautions for each species. For example, sun exposure or the amount of water to give: each flower should only be exposed to sunlight at certain times of the day, and depending on the species, sun exposure can be vital or deadly to the plants. The same is true for water: dosage changes radically from species to species. Therefore, it is easy to understand how complicated it is to grow a lush garden full of different species of flowers and plants: A different approach must be taken for each of them. In this article, we will show you a quick and easy recipe that you can use to care for your beloved orchids. You can make a syrup to administer to your orchids to make them stronger and more vigorous. This is truly a miracle.

The foolproof recipe for orchid syrup: they will be more beautiful than ever before

Many do not know this method to make orchids beautiful and lush. It is very simple, fast and completely natural. There is no point in spending money on chemical products that promise miracles, but never do them. It is a syrup that is a true elixir for orchids: it is a treatment that heals the plant and makes its leaves stronger than ever. To make it, you need to follow some simple steps. The first is to get a bowl of small or medium capacity in which we mix all the ingredients. The first ingredient to be added to the bowl is sugar, two teaspoons will be enough. To the sugar should be added a generous teaspoon of bee honey and then 2 tablespoons of warm water. After combining these three ingredients, we can proceed to mixing. To mix everything, a normal kitchen spoon is enough.

When the three ingredients are well mixed, we can proceed with the addition of the juice of half a lemon. We continue mixing and wait about ten minutes: this will help the mixture to dissolve all the ingredients as much as possible. After ten minutes we will notice that the mixture is homogeneous and without lumps. Now let’s see how we treat our orchids with this syrup.

At this point, there is a liquid and smooth yellow mixture in the bowl. All you have to do is take a piece of kitchen paper and dip it into the liquid. Wring the soaked tissue well and then rub it very gently over the leaves of the orchids, without leaving any of it. It is recommended to perform this treatment only once a month.

Other important tips for the proper care of orchids

Orchids are among the most popular flowers of all: the beauty and variety of their colors make them excellent ornamental plants. White orchids are the most common, but there are also purple, blue, pink and yellow. Their color depends on the pH of the soil in which they grow. Taking care of orchids is not difficult, but there are some precautions that will make them stronger and more beautiful with daily use. In addition, you will avoid that they die or dry out prematurely.

The first thing you need to do is to remember to expose them properly to natural light. They should never be exposed to direct sunlight, but on a windowsill. For watering, it is recommended to place the entire orchid pot in a basin filled with water (it must have holes in the bottom) and then let it soak for 30 minutes.

In this way, the orchid absorbs water directly from the roots and gradually absorbs it. The most common reason for the death of an orchid is incorrect watering. You should never water by wetting the leaves from above. The orchid only needs water once a week. Also remember to fertilize the soil, especially in the winter months.