Under the dashboard, on the passenger side to the right of the driver, is the famous drawer commonly known as the “glove box.” Obviously, no one systematically puts on gloves. In truth, over time it has become a kind of “collection box” where you keep vehicle documents, but also a list of personal items. However, most drivers are probably not aware of its hidden function. Because in reality, this storage space in new car models has a very beneficial use. Small lighting.

What can go in the glove compartment?

Previously, the glove compartment was the only place in the whole car, where things could be stored (except the trunk). Basically, its function is to filter the air that enters the passenger compartment of the car. Moreover, it was not perceived as a drawer, but as a compartment, and some cars were not even equipped with it. Gradually, we began to think of it as a drawer: There was even a small lock attached to it. Thus arose the custom of integrating important items safely from thieves inside.

However, in recent years, stowage and storage spaces have multiplied, they really can be found in every corner of the car. Nowadays, cars can offer up to 40 compartments or even more to store different types of items. For its part, the glove compartment has also evolved. It is now more spacious, with more compartments, an interior light. Of course, it is useful to accommodate important documents such as insurance, vehicle registration or maintenance booklet. A first aid kit should also be included to provide quick assistance at any time and in any situation. Finally, you can slip in the tire repair kit, which will repair a possible flat tire. If a wheel is suddenly flat, simply ask a passer-by for help. But that’s not all, the new glove compartments have another hidden function that can be very useful for many drivers.

The glove compartment: a refrigerator in the car

When buying a new car, many people forget to look at the owner’s manual. And this is a mistake, because it contains important instructions for use. If you pay attention, you will know that your glove compartment is also refrigerated. At least most of the newer models offer this feature. In fact, this system relies on the air conditioning: When you start the car and drive off, the air is directly in the glove box. This function can therefore be very useful to keep cool certain foods that defrost quickly, especially when it is hot (ice cream, ice cream cakes or chocolates), but also to keep drinks or medicines cool. A very useful function in particularly hot temperatures and long trips. Of course, if you don’t have this option available in your car, you can always fall back on the good old, insulated bag. Note that some cars have this cooling system in the trunk. How do you know if your glove box can be used as a refrigerator? Check if there is some kind of switch that looks like a knob or a button (depending on your car model), because through this switch the cold air from the air conditioner circulates through the duct and enters the glove box .

Note: Some also have a USB socket that can be used to charge power banks, flashlights or battery starters.