Fancy a sausage from the grill? But the grate is dirty? No problem. With the help of lemons and another ingredient from the pantry, it will be clean again.

The grilling season is far from over! No matter what the weather. But once the party is over, no one usually feels like cleaning the grill. So, the grill cools down, becomes encrusted and dirty with leftover sausage, chicken, meat, fruit or vegetables. Unfortunately, it often remains in the corner for days afterwards. The next person to use the grill is the one who suffers. Special cleaning agents quickly get it clean again, but not everyone likes the chemical additives in the cleaning agents. And rightly so. It goes namely also completely naturally. With lemon juice and salt!

How to clean

The grill grate may even be hot when cleaning. Press half a lemon with the cut surface into a plate with salt, then stick the lemon on a long fork and rub the salted cut surface over the grate. The salt crystals, in combination with the citric acid, develop an amazing cleaning power. Be sure to try it out – and be amazed!