Are you in the habit of throwing away apple peels after eating the fruit?

Nothing could be more wrong! In fact, peels are very useful for a thousand different purposes: not only for some household chores, but also for creating some interesting recipes.

Apple peels are rich in protein and fiber and can be a kind of wild card in the home. Let’s see how!

Apple peels: how to clean aluminum objects

One of the oldest uses of apple peels concerns the possibility of cleaning and brightening aluminum objects. It can be done in this way: in a pot we place the apple peels we have on hand together with water; at this point, we immerse the utensils or aluminum objects in general that we plan to clean.

We place everything on the fire and, over a very low flame, let it heat for half an hour. At the end of the whole procedure, we let it dry and notice how the acid from the apple peel has done its job making everything shinier!

Home deodorizer

Another particular use we can make of apple peel is that related to deodorizing for the home. It will suffice, in this case, to dry some peels in the sun; afterwards, we need to place them in a cloth bag and add cinnamon to them. In this way we will obtain an excellent home deodorizer, also suitable for closets and dressers.

Apple peel cleanser

Did you ever imagine that you could make a detergent with apple peels? We’re not kidding. If you notice, a lot of products you use to clean your home and buy at the supermarket or other stores contain vinegar inside them.

Among the most commonly used vinegars is apple vinegar. This is a product that has an antimicrobial effect established by scientific studies and even fights bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Candida. To make this homemade cleanser you will simply have to blend apple peels and hearts together with some sugar and water.

At the end of the procedure, strain the resulting liquid and fill an airtight jar three-quarters full. Let’s close it through paper towels and a rubber band and store it in a fairly warm place, but away from light, for at least three weeks. Remember, however, to stir it every day.

It will be ready just when you can clearly smell a fairly intense vinegar odor. Remember that we are talking about a disinfecting, degreasing product that can even be used to remove limescale and clean appliances such as the oven.