Here’s Why You Should Close Your Bedroom Door at Night…

Leaving the bedroom door open at night seems to be a no-brainer for 60% of people. Whether to create a better indoor climate or to hear children better in an emergency. But the following four reasons specifically show you why it’s best to keep the door closed at night.

1. Calmer sleep

Keeping the bedroom door closed at night primarily helps to muffle annoying outside noises. Sleep is thus much calmer, which guarantees rest.

2. positive energy in the room

According to the Chinese theory of Fēng Shuǐ harmony, a closed door keeps positive energy in the room. We thus obtain, without realizing it, a feeling of security and safety.

3. Better chances of survival in the event of a fire

While a few decades ago, people still had 17 minutes to get to safety in the event of a house fire, the average survival time is now barely 3 minutes, as reported by Merkur. This is explained by the fact that today, more and more plastic materials have appeared in homes, which release toxic gases in the event of a fire.

To have a greater chance of survival in the event of a nighttime fire, it is therefore preferable to keep the doors closed. In fact, the fire and the toxic fumes that accompany it then spread much more slowly in the apartment. Thus, according to the American Institute for Safety Research, when the bedroom door is opened, the temperature rises in a few seconds to 500 °C (932 °F), while it does not exceed around 37°C (98,5 °F) for a some time when the door is closed. A notable difference that saves lives!

4. Faster reaction time in the event of a break-in

Closed or even locked bedroom doors offer the opportunity to protect yourself and react more quickly in the event of a break-in. Indeed, by activating the handle or trying to force the bedroom door, the burglar also makes noise and this wastes his time, which is to your advantage. Indeed, if a burglar cannot obtain valuable items within 5 minutes or if he notices that the resident is at home, he generally leaves the apartment.

Closed or open, it’s ultimately up to everyone to decide. Some people are not bothered by noise or “negative energies”. But in the event of a fire or attempted break-in, it is always worth letting the door simply close on itself before going to bed, so that you ultimately have a little more security.