With a potato in your shoes at night you can solve a very annoying problem: seeing is believing.

When the warm season comes, many go to clothing stores to renew their wardrobe. In addition to T-shirts, shorts, spirits and sunglasses, it is also necessary to buy one or more pairs of new shoes, perhaps taking advantage of attractive discounts. However, buying shoes is not such a simple matter and may involve some pitfalls. In fact, it is not uncommon to realize at home that the shoes you just bought do not fit because of the length. If they are too small, they can actually cause discomfort and pain in the toes.

With a potato in the shoes you can wear them again without any problems

In such situations, of course, the remedy is to go to the store, change the shoes and try on a larger pair. It is not certain that the operation will be carried out, because there may not even be the right number.


For this reason, it is advisable not to abandon the shoes you just bought , but to use a possible solution that will allow you to wear them anyway . Instead of taking your shoes to the cobbler to have them stretched, you can take some simple and quick remedies. Some items can actually help us and allow us to wear shoes without suffering. Among the most popular remedies is wet newspaper, which is placed inside the shoe to stretch it. However, the real solution is not this, but the use of a potato, which is undoubtedly stronger than wet newspaper.

The potato remedy is the easiest to use, also because this food is almost always present in the house and in any case it is very easy to recover it. The procedure is very simple. The front part of the shoe must be stretched so as not to cause pain in the toes and allow walking without problems. To stretch the shoe, we need to put two potatoes in the shoes.Leave them in your shoes at night: the result will surprise you.

The first step is to carefully peel the potatoes and put them in a newspaper (a paper towel will also do). Once this is done, the potatoes should be placed in the shoes and left in this position overnight.


During the night, the potatoes are dried and the shoes are stretched. The advice is to use this simple remedy on leather shoes, as with this material the effectiveness of potatoes seems to be much higher. In addition, with leather shoes you can enjoy another popular property of potatoes. In fact, this food is able to seliminate bad odors from shoes, and this aspect, of course , should not be underestimated.

With fabric shoes, it is not sure that you will achieve the same result, because this fabric could absorb the smell of the potato. However, to comfortably wear shoes and walk without problems, the use of potatoes is the best solution.