Empty pickle jars by no means need to be dumped and disposed of. Keep the broth and put vegetable sticks in it.

Almost everyone has pickles in their refrigerator. When they are used up, the vinegar water usually ends up down the drain along with the condiments, while the jar is disposed of in the dumpster. Yet it provides all the ingredients you need to pickle vegetables yourself. So why not try these zucchini pickles?

Homemade zucchini pickles

Mixed pickles or pickled cucumbers are part of many Americans’ evening meal. But it doesn’t always have to be cornichons – because right now you can’t keep up with harvesting zucchini in the garden bed. You should also not throw away the zucchini blossoms when harvesting, because they can be filled particularly well and thus served as an appetizer. Although you can also dry the vegetables from the cucurbit family in the oven or even freeze them to preserve them, if you have a pickle jar handy anyway, you should pickle the zucchini. Because that’s how the mild flavors in the vegetables come out especially well.

  • Cut the zucchini into the desired shape: Slices or sticks are ideal. Younger zucchinis are particularly suitable, as they do not yet have a very pronounced core.
  • Place the zucchini in the mixed pickle jar.
  • Make sure the vinegar mixture covers the vegetables completely. You can leave seasonings such as dill or onions in the jar with them. However, make sure there is no mold in the mixture.
  • After about a week in a cool, dark place (such as the refrigerator), the homemade pickled zucchini will be ready.