Houseplants are no different than humans: Fresh air is good for them! Some plants get a real growth spurt when you give them outdoor air in the summer. These 7 houseplants feel at home on balconies and terraces. Many houseplants enjoy fresh air in the summer. We present seven houseplants that are now allowed outdoors.

Many plants that we cultivate as houseplants grow outdoors in warmer regions. When temperatures are consistently warm in the summer, they feel at home on our balcony and terrace. Most houseplants prefer a location protected from wind and drafts, without direct sunlight. Keeping this in mind, houseplants thrive in the fresh air. We present 7 houseplants that you can put outside in the summer.

  • Birch fig (Ficus)

The birch fig (Ficus benjamina) grows in the wild at the edge of the forest or in clearings. Outdoors, the ficus needs a bright location and can tolerate direct sun well here. However, you need to acclimate it to the sun slowly so that the leaves do not suffer sunburn. Place it out of the sun at first and then in the milder morning or afternoon sun for a few hours. Birch fig feels most comfortable at 71 to 82 °F.

  • Lucky tree

The fortune tree is also called Australian bottle tree or Queensland bottle tree. The name refers to the bottle-shaped trunk typical of the houseplant. The thick, lower part serves as a water reservoir for dry periods. It can reach a diameter of up to three and a half feet at its thickest point in the wild. The fortune tree needs an airy, very bright and preferably sunny location. Before the fortune tree is allowed in direct sunlight, it must be acclimated to sunlight. After that, it feels comfortable outside all summer and survives even colder nights without any problems.

  • Palm Lily (Yucca)

Yucca palm is one of the most common houseplants. Its relatives, such as the Fair Palm Lily or Garden Yucca and the Blue Palm Lily, are popular garden plants. So, it’s not surprising that the palm lily also likes to spend its summer outdoors. From May to October, after a short period of acclimation, it is welcome to stand outdoors in full sun and airy conditions.

  • Ufo plant (Pilea)

The ufo plant feels most comfortable at 59 to 64 °F. It prefers a very bright to maximum partial shade location. It must be protected from direct sunlight and drafts. A cool, off-sun location, such as on an east or west-facing balcony, is ideal. Since the Pilea is strongly oriented towards the sun, it should also be turned regularly in the summer quarters.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is known to many as a popular spice. This is obtained from the root. But leaves and flowers also deserve attention: as a houseplant, turmeric is extremely decorative. It requires a warm, semi-shaded location with high humidity. If it moves to the balcony in summer, it should be sprayed with water occasionally. Bring the turmeric plant inside at night when the temperature drops below 10 °F, otherwise the leaves will die.

  • Canary dragon tree

The Canary dragon tree is native exclusively to the Canary Islands, where it grows as a large tree. In our country, it has more than proven itself as a decorative and low-maintenance houseplant and is popular because of its unusual growth. In summer, the dragon tree can be placed outdoors in a place protected from wind and rain. Here it must be protected from ground cold and drafts, colder night temperatures it tolerates well.

  • Porcelain flower

Porcelain flower (Hoya) is a popular flowering pot plant. It belongs to the silk plants. Its fleshy flowers are very decorative and give off a pleasant fragrance. In summer, wax flower thrives best in a bright, warm location. Direct sun should be avoided. Since the houseplant feels most comfortable at 64 to 73 °F, a sunny spot on the patio is ideal.