How A Glass Of Salt Water And Vinegar Can Detect Negative Energy In Your Home…

Negative energy can be widespread and perceptible in a place we frequent or live in.

It’s enough to feel that the house we live in is no longer the place of refuge and peace it could have been. Arguments and tensions build up, and negative waves flood the atmosphere, turning it dark and sinister.

Negative energy can come from the people around us, but it can also emanate from the house in which we live, or from certain objects which can themselves retain these harmful waves.

The most receptive people can feel a sudden emotion when approaching a room. This emotion can range from joy and excitement to incomprehensible anxiety.

A house is an energetic sponge, and if it’s old or has already been lived in, we can feel the positive or negative impression it makes, and the energetic state circulating in it and left by previous occupants.

How can you keep your home energized?

Our home is a reflection of our soul. In this family cocoon, we find the protection we need to lead our intimate lives in complete safety, far from any unwanted attention. In this special place, we give free rein to our emotions, our joy, our tears and even our celebrations.

In this comfortable place, we can dance, sing and experience our happiest, but also our saddest moments; in this place, we drop our masks and become ourselves.

What’s more, it’s important to take care of this emotional place and cleanse it of all negative waves, including those that have accumulated in our bodies and minds during the day.

How to detect negative energies in your home with salt water and vinegar:

A few simple techniques can help us get rid of the stagnant energy that haunts our home. They allow positive energy to circulate.

  • Use the intention to bring positivity into your home, which can be embodied in the simple phrase “Hello positive, goodbye negative”;
  • Air out your home to release negative energy and let in air full of positivity. To do this, simply open the windows to let in sunlight and light.
  • Use sage to purify the house. This practice, which is widespread in Cheyenne cultures, has the effect of driving out bad energy;
  • Eliminate all unnecessary objects that create clutter in the home. A thorough cleaning can get the positive energy flowing again.

A simple remedy to eliminate negative energy from your home

To prepare this remedy, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, coarse salt and half a liter of filtered water.

Coarse salt is known to absorb negative energies, but it should be used during gentle cleansing over a long period of time.

Mix the ingredients for one minute in a large, clear glass of water and place it in the area of the house you visit most often.

Leave the glass untouched for a whole day. When the salt has risen to the surface of the glass, you’ll know that it has captured all the negative energy in the house.

You can also use the same preparation in other rooms for a better cleaning.

What about cleansing the body?

In this case, sea salt remains the most appropriate ingredient. It can be placed on the windowsill or in front of the front door. But to purify the body, there’s nothing more effective than a special bath in the evening before going to bed.

This is a detoxifying and purifying bath. Simply fill a bathtub with lukewarm water, depending on the desired temperature, and add 250 g baking soda and 250 g sea salt.

Stay there for 20 minutes. When you wake up, you’ll feel lighter.